ETD Approval Process

As of April 2, 2011, the Electronic Thesis Dissertation (ETD) approval process has been revised to focus on the certification of the scientific content of the ETD whereas the old process focused mainly on certifying editorial content. Signed title pages are no longer a requirement for initiating the Graduate School ETD review. Reviews require only an unconditional pass of the final oral exam (as indicated on the exam report).

The committee approval process will take place in the MyPack Portal. Committee members have the opportunity to provide early approval of the ETD when signing the final exam report. If they do not provide early approval, they will be notified via email to go to the MyPack Portal at the appropriate time. The chair or co-chairs will have the final approval of the ETD after all other members have approved. It should be very rare to deny an ETD at this point after the student has already received an unconditional pass on the final exam.