Graduate School Forms

Please select the appropriate form below to request an action of The Graduate School. Most of these forms are in .doc and .pdf formats. The .doc files are MS Word 2003 format, nearly all of which are fillable forms. Where appropriate, the .pdf files are fillable as well. You may save copies of the completed .doc files with any version of Word 2003 or later, but you will need Adobe Acrobat to save copies of the completed .pdf files.

Form Rev Date Description/Explanation
Master's Forms
Schedule Oral Final (pdf/docx)
Submit at least 10 working days prior to proposed date of exam.
Conduct Remote Oral Exam (pdf/docx) 3/30/11 Must be submitted with above request when one or more of the committee will be located remotely.
Processing Oral Exam Request (pdf/doc)
Guideline only
Doctoral Forms
Schedule Oral Prelim/Final (pdf /docx)
Submit 2 wks prior to date of the exam.
Conduct Remote Oral Exam (pdf/docx) 3/30/11 Must be submitted with above request when one or more of the committee or student will be located remotely.
Admission to Candidacy (pdf)
Sample only
Graduate Certificate Forms
Graduate Certificate Plan Data Entry (pdf)
Used for currently enrolled graduate students who want to obtain the certificate.
Withdrawal Form for Certificate Students (pdf) 5/1/13 To be used by students on financial aid or those withdrawing after the end of the official drop period. During the official drop period certificate students should withdraw in MyPack Portal using the navigation: SIS > Student Self Service > Enrollment > Term Withdrawal
General Committee Actions for Degree Seeking Students
Committee Modification (pdf /docx) 12/30/10 Repl/sub/add/delete member
External/Consultant Appointment (pdf/docx) 10/26/15  
Inter-institutional Appointment (pdf/docx) 12/30/10  
Curricular and Programmatic Actions for Degree Seeking Students
ABM Plan of Work (pdf/docx) 2/28/13 To be filed with application to Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program
Change Degree Status or Curriculum (form creator)
Permanent change, en-route master's, multiple master's, and co-majors.
Extension of Incomplete Grade (pdf)
Registration & Records form - updated to require DGP signature
Supplemental Data (pdf/doc)
Registration & Records Form. Submit with Extension of Incomplete Grade form when dropping courses or changing to audit after the deadline.
Leave of Absence (pdf/docx)
Termination of Graduate Status (pdf/docx)
Time-Limit Extension (click here)
Preliminary Exam Time-Limit Extension (click here)
Transfer Credit (pdf/docx)
Transfer credit from other institutions and other NCSU programs, including PBS
Parental Leave for Graduate Students
Parental Leave Request (pdf/docx) 5/25/12 Two page form required when applying for parental leave
Parental Leave Certification (pdf/docx) 6/15/12 Must accompany above request
Graduate Faculty (Please contact your Director of Graduate Programs or Graduate Services Coordinator to submit a form in this section)
Graduate Faculty Nomination Form (click here)
June 2015
Nominate faculty for associate and full status. Also to add programs to existing faculty.
Non-Graduate-Faculty Instructor (click here)
June 2015
Request for non-graduate-faculty to teach a graduate course
Graduation Forms for Degree Seeking Students
Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) (click here)
Required form for all PhD doctoral candidates. PhD only. EdD does not complete the SED.
Doctoral Dissertation Agreement Form (DAF1)- Publishing Options (click here)
Required form for all doctoral candidates.
Doctoral Dissertation Agreement Form (DAF2)- Dissertation Submission Form (click here) 06/27/2013 Required form for all doctoral candidates.
Doctoral Microfilm Fee
(click here)
06/27/2013 Required fee for all doctoral candidates.
Doctoral Graduation Attendance Notification (DGAN) (click here) 06/27/2013 Required notification for all doctoral candidates.
Application to Graduate
(click here)
06/27/2013 All NCSU graduates, Master and Doctoral, are to submit the Application to Graduate.
Miscellaneous Forms and Guidelines
Departmental Admission Letter Template (docx)   This template should be used when departments wish to send out a personalized admission letter. Highlighted fields should be entered by the department, prior to sending.
Information Release Authorization (pdf/doc)
Including certification of completion of degree requirements.
Graduate Fellowship Payment Information 2015-2016 (pdf)   Required for all new fellowship stipends/awards
Fellowship Letter Template (docx)   Suggested template/guide for new fellowship award letters.
Schedule Revision Justification (pdf)   To be completed by the student
Terms and Conditions (doc)   Required for all Graduate Assistant Appointments
Reinstatement Form
(click here)
Feb 2016
Used by departments to request an academic reinstatement for a student who has been academically terminated.

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