Support Services For Faculty & Staff

Dr. Ruben Carbonell (left) chats with one of his graduate students about her work in the Partners I lab on Centennial Campus.

The Graduate School is happy to assist faculty and staff who are responsible for graduate programs or who serve as student advisors. Please visit the links below for more information on such topics as program development, administrative procedures, student reporting, and more. Be sure to check this section regularly as we are looking forward to offering you additional professional and program development services in the near future:

  • Review our Administrative Handbook for an overview of Graduate School functions, resources, regulations, and procedures affecting faculty and staff.
  • Our Graduate Catalog contains key information you will need during your graduate career, including degree requirements, program descriptions, faculty listings, and resources available to you.
  • Visit Graduate School Information Services to access data on student applications, student contact information, class schedules, academic records, and other relevant reports and statistics.
  • Access all Graduate School forms on-line, including those needed by students, advisors, and departments.
  • Submit new or revised Course Action Forms, including the procedure for creating and revising graduate courses and graduate course action forms.
  • Postdocs can find specific information about programs, employment,
    resources and services through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.
  • Review program development guidelines, including the procedures for creation of new graduate programs and certificate programs, as well as revising existing programs.
  • Our program evaluation and review process is critical to maintaining the Graduate School's high academic standards. Review the process and get started with your program's assessment here.
  • Attract top students in your field to NC State by taking advantage of the Graduate School's recruiting resources, including top-up fellowships, a visitation program, and funds for department recruiting activities.
  • Visit NC State Human Resources for more information on University-sponsored services involving technology, financial information, employee resources, faculty development and support, research, and request for services procedures.
  • Review our FAQ for more information on many Graduate School topics, or ask us any specific questions not yet covered.