NC State University Alumni Association Graduate Fellowships

Program Summary
These Fellowships are one-year awards that provide competitive recruiting supplements for outstanding graduate students who will enter master’s programs that do not lead to the doctorate at NC State.

Eligibility Requirements
Fellowships are to be awarded to entering master’s students in any field of study. Students admitted to master’s programs leading to the doctorate at NC State are NOT eligible.

These are intended to be supplemental fellowships. Nominees must also receive a teaching assistantship, research assistantship, or a fellowship from their college or graduate program during the year of the fellowship.

Evaluation and Selection
Students may not apply directly for these fellowships. Instead, they must be nominated by their prospective Directors of Graduate Programs, who submit nominations to the Graduate School.

A maximum of one nominee may be submitted to the Graduate School from each graduate program. Selections will be based on merit criteria.

Stipend and Fellowship Tenure
The Fellowships are $1,000 for the academic year and will be paid in two equal installments: $500 in the Fall and $500 in the Spring. Fellowships are for one academic year only and are not renewable.

Application Deadline
The deadline for requesting supplements is March 11, 2013. We will make every effort to notify graduate programs of decisions within 48 hours of receipt of nominations submitted prior to March 11.

For further information, please contact Dr. David Shafer, Assistant Dean, at 919-515-4462 or via e-mail at