SPONSORING AGENCY: Association for Women in Science

PURPOSE: The AWIS awards five to ten $1,000 Fellowships to support female graduate students in the sciences, including the following memorial awards:

  1. Predoctoral Award, for a female graduate students who has advanced to PhD candidacy studying in any STEM field except Physics;
  2. Luise Meyer-Schutzmeister Award, for a female predoctoral student who has advanced to PhD candidacy studying physics;
  3. Ruth Satter Award, for a female predoctoral student who has interrupted her career for three or more years to raise a family; and
  4. Barbara Filner Award, for a predoctoral student who has advanced to PhD candidacy and has participated in activities that encourage women to pursue careers in science and related fields.

AWIS may also award Citations of Merit ($500).

Reviewers consider academic achievement, the importance of the research question addressed, the quality of the research, and the applicant's potential for future contributions to science or engineering.

FIELDS: Behavioral, life, physical, or social science or engineering programs leading to a PhD

ELIGIBILITY: Female students in the doctoral programs in the above fields. See the detailed list in the application instructions to confirm eligibility of your field. All applicants except those for the Satter award must have passed their department's qualifying exam and expect to complete their degree within two years. (Satter award applicants may apply at any time in their Ph.D program, including the first year.) Non-U.S. citizens must be enrolled at a university in the United States. Previous applicants to this program may not reapply. Eligibility criteria are subject to change.

STIPEND: $1,000; citation awards of $500

APPLICATION DEADLINES: No awards will be given in 2011.

For additional information and application materials, please visit the AWIS Education Foundation website.