The U.S. Department of Education requires that the Graduate School prepare a "Performance Report" each year, which discusses the successes and accomplishments of our Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellows. In order to help us comply with this requirement, we ask all GAANN Fellows at NC State to submit to the Graduate School a statement of their progress and accomplishments while supported by the GAANN Fellowship. The information fellows provide in their status reports is then included in the reports the Graduate School submits to the U.S. Department of Education.

These reports should conform to the following format and should be e-mailed to the attention of Dr. David Shafer, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School, at

  1. Name
  2. Major Field of Study; Minor Field of Study
  3. Number of Credit Hours completed to date.
  4. Estimated date for completion of your program.
  5. Title of Research: Please provide the title of your research project.
  6. Abstract of Research: This section should include a brief summary of your research (or research interests).
  7. Academic Progress: This section should include the number of credit hours completed to date, an estimated date for completion of your program, and your major and minor fields of study.
  8. Preparing the Professoriate: Please indicate the semesters in which you will participate (or have participated) in the Preparing the Professoriate Program.
  9. Awards: This section should include any awards received during your tenure as a GAANN Fellow.
  10. Presentations: Please describe any presentations you have made while a GAANN Fellow. The description should include the title, date and location (including the full conference/meeting title) of each presentation.
  11. Meetings/Seminars Attended: Please list any professional meetings or research-related seminars that you have attended during your tenure as a GAANN Fellow.
  12. Professional Development Experiences: Please describe any internships or other professional development experiences that you have had while a GAANN Fellow.
  13. Papers/Publications: This section should include a list of complete citations of papers published or papers that will be published (i.e., name of author(s), date, title, and journal name).
  14. Additional Information: This section should include any additional information on your successes during your tenure as a GAANN Fellow that you would like reported to the U.S. Department of Education.

If any of the information we are asking you to provide us in any of the above sections is not applicable to you, please type the section title and state that this section is not applicable.

For additional information on the GAANN Fellowship Program, please contact Dr. David Shafer, Assistant Dean, at 919-515-4462 or via e-mail at