SPONSORING AGENCY: U. S. Department of Homeland Security

PURPOSE: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) realizes that the country’s strong science and technology community provides a critical advantage in the development and implementation of counter-terrorist measures and other DHS objectives. The DHS Scholarship and Fellowship Program is intended for students interested in pursuing the basic science and technology innovations that can be applied to the DHS mission. This education program is intended to ensure a highly talented science and technology community to achieve the DHS mission and objectives. Eligible students must be studying in a homeland security related science, technology, engineering and mathematics (HS-STEM) field with an interest in one of the following homeland security research areas:

  • Advanced Data Analysis and Visualization
    Biological Threats and Countermeasures
    Border Security
    Chemical Threats and Countermeasures
    Communications and Interoperability
    Community, Commerce and Infrastructure Resilience
    Emergency Preparedness and Response
    Explosives Detection, Mitigation and Response
    Food and Agriculture Security
    Human Factors
    Immigration Studies
    Infrastructure Protection
    Maritime and Port Security
    Natural Disasters and Related Geophysical Studies
    Risk, Economics, and Decision Sciences
    Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Transportation Security


  • Engineering
    Life Sciences
    Physical Sciences, Math, Computer and Information Sciences
    Social Sciences


  • A 10-week, continuous, off-campus research internship at DHS or a DHS-affiliated facility will be required during the summer between the first and second year appointments.
  • A one-year, full-time service requirement in a relevant HS-STEM field will be required. The work done during this service must be applicable to one of the 16 homeland security research areas. The one-year service commitment may be served at a DHS-approved STEM venue—including universities—immediately following the term of the fellowship. The service requirement can be postponed to complete the final degree requirements, but must be completed within two years of your final stipend payment. Options for completing this service requirement at a DHS-approved STEM venue include full-time service for: (1) one continuous year; or (2) two six-month periods at no more than two locations.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Students who have earned a master's or doctoral degree are not eligible. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.30 (on a 4.00 scale).


  • $2,300 per month for 12 months, for up to three years
    Tuition and Fees

APPLICATION DEADLINE: DHS does not plan to offer fellowship during the 2011 cycle.

For additional information and application materials, please visit the DHS Fellowship Program website.