MBTP Training Faculty

The NIH/NCSU Molecular Biotechnology Training Program (MBTP) involves 40 training faculty, representing four colleges and 12 departments across the NC State University campus: engineering (chemical and biomolecular engineering and civil engineering); life sciences (molecular and structural biochemistry; plant biology; entomology; food, bioprocessing and nutritional sciences; genetics; microbiology; plant pathology; and poultry science); veterinary medicine (molecular biomedical sciences); physical and mathematical sciences (chemistry). For more information about these faculty and their research, please see the Biotechnology Home Page.

Faculty Member Department Research Focus
Chris Ashwell Poultry Science Genes of economic importance in poultry
Wendy Boss Plant Biology Plant lipid-mediated signal transduction
Becky Boston Plant Biology Plant molecular biology
Ignazio Carbone Plant Pathology Fungal evolutionary biology, genetics and genomics
Ruben Carbonell Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Bio-separations and diagnostics
Clay Clark Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Protein folding
Margo Daub Plant Biology Plant-microbe interactions
Francis de los Reyes Civil Engineering Microbial ecology and environmental engineering
Gregg Dean Molecular Biomedical Sciences Viral immunology
Ralph Dean Plant Pathology Fungal genomics
Alex Deiters Chemistry Novel chemical tools to elucidate gene function
Michael Flickinger Microbiology & Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering High intensity thin-coat biocatalysts
Stefan Franzen Chemistry Biomolecular spectroscopy
Reza Ghiladi Chemistry Metal ions in biology and medicine
Amy Grunden Microbiology Functional genomics of hyperthermophiles
Carol Hall Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Molecular modeling of protein folding
Linda Hanley-Bowdoin Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Plant DNA replication and transcription
Jason Haugh Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Mammalian cell engineering
Jon Horowitz Molecular Biomedical Sciences Cell cycle control
Mike Hyman Microbiology Microbial bioremediation
Lee-Ann Jaykus Food, Bioprocessing & Nutritional Sciences Food biotechnology
Sofia Kathariou Food, Bioprocessing & Nutritional Sciences Bacterial foodborne pathogens
Bob Kelly Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Microbial physiology, biocatalysis
Todd Klaenhammer Food, Bioprocessing & Nutritional Sciences Lactic acid bacteria biotechnology
Steve Lommel Plant Pathology Plant molecular virology
Carla Mattos Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Recognition and assembly of macromolecular complexes
Owen McMillan Genetics Population genetics, evolution, & conservation biology
David Muddiman Chemistry Biological mass spectrometry for genomics and proteomics
Nanette Nascone-Yoder Molecular Biomedical Sciences Cellular and molecular mechanisms of gut morphogenesis
Gary Payne Plant Pathology Fungal genomics
Trevor Phister Food, Bioprocessing & Nutritional Sciences Fermentation and food safety
Jorge Piedrahita Molecular Biomedical Sciences Imprinted genes in embryo development
Bala Rao Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Stem cell bioengineering
Mike Roe Entomology Insecticide detoxification
Robert Rose Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Cell-specific transcription regulation
Heike Sederoff Plant Biology Regulation and integration of abiotic stimuli
Barb Sherry Molecular Biomedical Sciences Molecular viral pathogenesis
David Threadgill Genetics Murine genetic model for health and disease
Orlin Velev Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Self-assembly of colloidal particles
Jeffrey Yoder Molecular Biomedical Sciences Genetics of disease susceptibility and resistance