SPONSORING AGENCY: Department of Defense

PURPOSE: As a means of increasing the number of U.S. citizens trained in disciplines of science and engineering of military importance, the Department of Defense (DoD) plans to award approximately 200 new three-year graduate fellowships in April 2011. The DoD will offer these fellowships to individuals who have demonstrated ability and special aptitude for advanced training in science and engineering. NDSEG Fellowships will be awarded to applicants who will pursue a doctoral degree in, or closely related to, an area of DoD interest within one of the disciplines listed below.


  • Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Cognitive, Neural, and Behavioral Sciences
    Computer and Computational Sciences
    Electrical Engineering
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

ELIGIBILITY: The NDSEG Fellowship Program is open only to applicants who are citizens or nationals of the United States. Persons who hold permanent resident status are not eligible to apply. NDSEG Fellowships are intended for students who are at or near the beginning of their graduate studies in science or engineering. Applicants must have received or be on track to receive their bachelor's degrees by Fall 2012.

Applications are encouraged from women, persons with disabilities, and members of ethnic and racial minority groups (including African-American, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino persons) that historically have been underrepresented in science and engineering fields listed above.

EVALUATION AND SELECTION: NDSEG Fellowships will be awarded on the basis of academic ability in the areas of interest to the DoD. The evaluation of applicants is based on review of their academic records, personal statements, recommendations, and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

Each application is evaluated by a panel having expertise in the science or engineering discipline of the applicant’s proposed advanced degree program.

CONDITIONS OF APPOINTMENT: Fellows will be required to enroll in full-time programs leading to graduate degrees in the specified fields. According to the policy of an academic institution, such programs may include a reasonable amount of teaching or similar activities that contribute to the fellow’s academic progress.


  • $30,500 for the first 12 months
    $31,000 for the second 12 months
    $31,500 for the final 12 months
    Full tuition and fees (not to include room and board)


For additional information and application materials please see the NDSEG Home Page.