Bridging Programs

The AGEP Bridging program will provide additional research training and graduate preparation once the IMSD undergraduate students receive their bachelor’s degrees and immediately before they enter their PhD programs at NC State or elsewhere. The AGEP Bridging program will be open to all IMSD Scholars who have been admitted into a biomedical or behavioral science graduate program either at NC State, or if appropriate for the Scholar, any other institution. The bridging program runs concurrently with the summer research program for the undergraduates.

Bridging Programs for Graduate Students at NC State

Graduating IMSD undergraduate Scholars:
IMSD are eligible to participate in a bridging program for graduating seniors who are getting ready to start graduate school at NC State or other institutions. Called ISR (Initial Summer Research), this is a summer program in which participants conduct research under the guidance of a faculty mentor in the summer preceding their enrollment in graduate school. Participants will be paid for their research. Each program is individualized to meet the different needs of participants, but all students will get a chance to better acclimate themselves to graduate school, become familiar with NC State, and get to know other new graduate students.

Master's Students - FYM Program:
Master's students in traditional STEM disciplines from NCA&T and other non-research one institutions will have opportunities to participate in this component of AGEP. This component is available to students who have completed the first year of their master's program. Participants will work under the direction of a faculty research advisor for 10+ weeks over the summer preceding the second year of their master's program and receive a $6000 stipend during this period. As with ISR, each program will be customized to fit the needs of each participant, combining lab work and coursework if the mentor feels that course work is warranted.

Master's Students - MPhD Program:
Master's students in STEM disciplines from other institutions who have completed their master's degrees and have been accepted to PhD programs are eligible to participate in the MPhD program. This program creates a bridge from the master's to the PhD by helping students gain additional research experiences before they begin their doctoral work. Participants will conduct lab work under the supervision of a faculty mentor for 10+ weeks of the summer and earn a total of $8000 for their research. Each program will be customized to fit the needs of each participant, combining lab work and coursework if the mentor feels that course work is warranted.

General Information on All Graduate Student Programs
All participants are required to:

  1. Be willing to mentor either an undergraduate IMSD participant (if beginning graduate school) or a graduate IMSD participant (if in the MPhD program).
  2. Be willing to participate in OPT-ED Alliance Day and/or Visit NC State Day as well as other IMSD events
  3. Attend any meetings, seminars, or talks as requested by their mentors, or the Director or Program Coordinator of IMSD
  4. Maintain a 3.0 or better GPA

Along With an Application Students should also send the following supporting documents:

  1. Transcript
  2. Statement of Purpose (included on the application)
  3. Resume
  4. Two letters of recommendation