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University Policies Pertaining to Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral scholars need to be aware of university policies related to their rights and responsibilities.  The following information provides links to these various policies. 


First and foremost, for many postdoctoral scholars, is research.  The university has a policy on research which outlines the development and process of scholarly inquiry:

Conflicts of Interests and Conflicts of Commitment

This policy implements the Board of Governors' (BOG) Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Affecting Faculty and Non-Faculty EPA Employees and federal law and regulations applicable to all NC State employees or any individuals involved in the design, conduct or reporting of research at NC State:

In addition, all EPA employees (including postdoctoral scholars) are required to file a Conflict of Interest disclosure on an annual basis:

Inventions, Patents and Copyrights

There may be times when research produced by a postdoctoral scholar results in an invention that is patentable.  This policy outlines the procedures overseeing this process:

Postdoctoral Scholars and Their Appointments

The Postdoctoral Scholars Regulation outlines specific procedures, regulations and rules regarding postdocs and their appointments at NC State University: A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding this regulation is available.


There may be times when postdoctoral scholarss experience conflict within their working environment.  One avenue for resolving these concerns is to utilize the university’s Mediation Program.  Information about the Mediation Program can be viewed at:

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

It is the policy of the State of North Carolina to provide equality of opportunity in education and employment for all who work and learn at NC State University. The university complies with this policy through its regulations regarding non-discrimination:

The university also has a policy regarding unlawful harassment, which is a form of discrimination:

Should a postdoctoral scholar experience unlawful harassment or discrimination, the university has the following procedures for resolving these complaints:  

In addition, everyone at the university is required to complete an approved training program designed to help students, staff and faculty understand their rights and responsibilities as to NC State's policies regarding discrimination and harassment: .  Postdoctoral scholars may take advantage of the university’s online unlawful harassment training as a way to fulfill this mandatory requirement: