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The North Carolina State University Postdoctoral Association History (NCSU PDA)


In the fall of 2008, the director of the NC State University Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA), Dr. Rhonda Sutton, held preliminary meetings to determine the level of interest in forming a postdoc association and to help postdocs become aware of OPA, which was established on August 1, 2008. Given the outcome of these first few meetings, it was determined that a steering committee would be created to establish the groundwork for a postdoctoral association. The following postdoctoral scholars served as members of the steering committee during the 2008-2009 academic year.

Steering Committee Members:

Name Department Email
Dr. Trino Ascencio-Ibanez Biochemistry
Dr. Shyamasri Biswas (president) Biochemistry
Dr. Silpak Biswas Clinical Sciences
Dr. Sara Blumer-Schuette Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Dr. Matt Braby Physics
Dr. Prithima Mosaly Industrial & Systems Engineering
Dr. Saritha Nellutla Chemistry
Dr. Vivek Ranjan Physics
Dr. Lauraine Rivier (president-elect) Clinical Sciences
Dr. Randy Shultz Biochemistry


Given the efforts of the Steering Committee, bylaws were written and institutionalized, a time for social events was established, concerns regarding postdoc benefits, grantsmanship and other issues were examined, and the committee formalized an identity and voice for postdocs across campus. In the fall of 2009, the steering committee will formally take on the identity of the NCSU Postdoctoral Association, and all postdocs at North Carolina State University are welcome and encouraged to become involved with this organization. The NCSU PDA promotes the building of community among postdoctoral scholars at North Carolina State University and serves as the voice for postdocs across campus. The NCSU PDA also works with and supports the endeavors of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, and both entities strive to create an environment where postdoctoral scholars have an enriching and rewarding experience during their tenure at the university.

Bylaws of the North Carolina State University Postdoctoral Association

2008 Fall Meetings

Preliminary Meetings on September 3, 2008 and September 4, 2008 - MINUTES
September 17, 2008 - AGENDA
September 17, 2008 - MINUTES
October 22, 2008 - AGENDA
October 22, 2008 - MINUTES
November 12, 2008 - MINUTES
December 15, 2008 - AGENDA
December 15, 2008 - MINUTES

2009 Spring Meetings

January 28, 2009 - AGENDA
January 28, 2009 - MINUTES
February 25, 2009 - AGENDA
February 25, 2009 - MINUTES
March 25, 2009 - AGENDA
March 25, 2009 - MINUTES
April 29, 2009 - AGENDA