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Career Development Resources

North Carolina State University and the Graduate School offers numerous career development opportunities and links to external employment resources. As a postdoc you have the opportunity to join the National Postdoctoral Association and participate in leadership and networking opportunities across the United States. The information provided on this page will provide you with information on workshops and services relevant to your professional growth.

Professional Development Workshops and Seminars

Career Opportunities and Resources


Networking is a vital component of the job search and needs to begin early - even before one starts to look for a job. The Scientist offers some valuable guidance on how to "meet and greet" so that you effectively network, sell yourself and talk about your science.

Resumes, Curriculum Vitaes, and Cover Letters

  • There is a lot that goes into conducting a job search. Should you use a resume or a CV? What information do you include in a cover letter? Answers to these questions, as well as samples of these different forms of communication with potential employers, can be found at:

Writing a Research Statement and a Teaching Philosophy

Often a job posting will ask for a research statement and/or a teaching philosophy - especially if it is a faculty position.
Information for how to write a research statement can be found online at: (video)

Information on how to write a teaching philosophy can be found at:

Preparing for the Job Interview

  • Once you have been invited to interview for a position, you will want to prepare by looking over some typical questions that will be asked of applicants as well as preparing for your Academic Job Talk, should you be interviewing for an academic position (and this talk is vastly different from your defense or other type of academic presentation). Tomorrow's Professor offers clear guidance for how to prepare for the Academic Job Talk. In regards to interview questions: For those who are pursuing a career in academia, you may want to look over the questions on this website: If you are interviewing for a job in industry, the following websites provide examples (and answers) to questions typically asked of applicants who are looking for employment within private corporations:
Salary Data
Knowing the salary associated with the type of position you want is important for both application and negotiating purposes. There are different websites that offer salary data for scientists and researchers such as and Genome Web.