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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Postdoctoral Scholar at NC State University

10.  Postdocs are eager to conduct research and publish; therefore, they will be very productive in your lab
and PIs will get more done and add to their list of publications as well.

9.  Recruitment of postdocs is fairly open and flexible; hiring them can happen much more quickly than hiring
permanent employees.

8.  The new Postdoctoral Scholars Regulation clearly outlines the guidelines associated with postdoctoral
scholars and their appointments (and is simpler to follow than the guidelines for EPA employees).

7.  The PI gets to mentor the next generation of scientists; therefore, their legacy will live on.  In addition,
the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs can assist with mentoring outside of the lab through professional
development seminars and additional support/resources for postdoctoral scholars.

6.  As a research-extensive university, having postdocs at NC State improves the university’s overall ratings.

5.  A postdoc now can be a collaborator at another university or company in the future.

4.  Salary and benefits are more cost-effective than those for a permanent employee.

3.  Given the fact postdocs have been awarded a Ph.D. within the last five years, postdocs are more likely to
be on the cutting edge of research and technology.

2.  Postdocs are able to do more than just research; they can also benefit the PI by assisting with teaching
classes, mentoring students in the lab, and helping manage the lab.

1. Postdocs can contribute to the PI’s overall success as a faculty member when applying for grants, attracting graduate students and strengthening a dossier!