Diversity Within The Classroom

These web resources present several different types of students that one might encounter within a diverse classroom as well as strategies and techniques to teach to students of diverse abilities and backgrounds.

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms

This website presents a general overview on how to teach in a manner that is inclusive of all student identities and backgrounds from course content to behaviors in teaching.

Perceptions of Faculty by Students of Diversity

This website provides a study of several diverse groups of students and their responses to a typical college classroom. The themes emphasized within the study show very common racial perceptions of diversity and how these problems can be addressed within the classroom.

Teaching Non-Native Speakers

This website addresses issues to take into consideration when teaching students for whom English is not their first language, or non-native speakers. These tips help assist the teacher in better communicating with their non-native student.

Teaching Non-Traditional Students

Non-traditional students are students who are not predominantly young, white, middle-class, full time students. This website addresses the different learning perspectives of non-traditional students and how a teacher can best tailor their teaching to these students.

Teaching Students With Disabilities

This website presents general strategies to accommodate the student with disabilities within the classroom and provides suggestions on ways to better assist the student with disabilities.

Teaching Adult Students

This website provides common characteristics and needs of adult learners within the classroom and provides techniques on how to best accommodate the adult learner.

Teaching Millennials

Generation Y, or the Millennial Generation, are students born between 1980-2000 who possess different abilities and mind sets than previous generations. This website helps explore what the millennial is and how they can be related to within the classroom.