Evaluation and Grading

These resources provide information on grading and rubrics for the classroom. The links provide both a comprehensive guide to developing a grading system for the course as well as specific grading systems for particular assignments, such as student assignments, projects, writing, and exams.

Grading Systems and Rubrics

The links below provide information on how to produce a general set of grading rubrics for your specific class as well as sample rubrics developed for a wide variety of assignments in several disciplines. Also included are guidelines to follow when evaluating a student's work in the classroom.

Developing Grading Rubrics

Evaluating and Grading Students

Grading Systems

Grading Student Work

Sample Rubrics

Specific Grading Systems and Rubrics

The following links provide several examples of grading systems and rubrics for particular student assignments within the classroom. These resources provide specific examples on how to grade a certain assignment genre based on its requirements and structure.

Grading Writing

Communicating Effectively on Student Writing

Grading Essay Questions

Grading Student Assignments

Grading Student Projects

Office Hours

As an extension of the classroom, office hours are an important part of the teaching experience. These links provide information on how to best utilize office hours, general policies for office hours, and how to get students to attend office hours.

Office Hours

How Can I Get Students to Come to Office Hours?

Other Resources

This guide provides a comprehensive collection of resources on issues and practices in evaluation and grading. The collection is divided into categories of "Plan to grade," "Grading practices," "Academic conduct," "Students with disabilities," "Policies and procedures," and "Links."

Faculty Resource on Grading (FROG)