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Preparing Future Leaders (PFL) is The Graduate School’s premiere initiative designed to establish a foundation for professional development for graduate students and postdocs. PFL encompasses three crucial themes: career skills, teaching and mentoring, and responsible conduct of research and scholarship. We provide opportunities for participants to gain knowledge and skills that empower them to recognize their potential as leaders today. Participants examine attitudes and values of themselves and others to build their capacity to lead effectively with integrity, insight, and compassion.

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PFL Goals

  • Promote and provide opportunities for participants to learn and practice skills that make them more competitive professionally.
  • Engage in a critical examination of ethical issues in a multidisciplinary context in an effort to enhance responsible conduct of research and scholarship.
  • Establish internal and external partnerships with organizations, institutions, and businesses.
  • Support individual and collaborative teaching, mentoring, and leadership experiences.
  • Provide programs and resources to support professional excellence in teaching and learning.

The Graduate School’s Vision
PFL is designed to implement and advance the Graduate School's vision. The Graduate School of the future will prepare career-ready students with a competitive edge through a new focus on professionally oriented training designed for the real world. We place motivated, talented scholars in a hands-on learning environment that emphasizes original research, scholarship, extension and engagement, real-world partnerships, teaching experiences, and mentoring by graduate faculty members.

Additional Professional Development Resources

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs logo Preparing Future Leaders partners with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to provide a range of professional development opportunities for postdoctoral fellows.
Professional Science Masters logo PFL also collaborates with the University of North Carolina Professional Science Master’s Initiative to offer specialized programs.

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