Preparing Future Leaders Season Pass

Beginning Fall 2012, the PFL Season Pass is on hold due to budget cuts and staffing losses. Thank you for your interest in this initiative.

To be successful, leaders must be well-rounded professionals. The Preparing Future Leaders (PFL) initiative is designed to prepare graduate students and postdoctoral scholars for leadership through our career skills, teaching & mentoring, and responsible conduct of research themes. To encourage your development as a leader in all of these areas, PFL has created a Season Pass to our events. If you choose to apply for a PFL Season Pass, you’ll begin the process of developing a well-rounded professionalism by participating in events across our three themes, reflecting on your professional development process, and potentially earning recognition as an emerging leader among graduate students and postdocs here at NC State.

Those who successfully complete the Season Pass earn PFL lapel pins to wear to important events to demonstrate their professional development as leaders, certificates of completion signed by the Dean of the Graduate School, and their names listed on the PFL website as Season Passholders.

If you're interested in earning a PFL Season Pass, please enroll yourself in the Moodle site so that you can receive program updates.

Season Pass requirements: Attend three Professional Development Seminars (PDS), two Fundamentals in Teaching (FIT) workshops, and one Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) seminar from the list of topics below. Take careful notes on these workshops and seminars. After you have participated in all these events, you’ll submit a list of events you’ve attended and write a one-page reflection on the professional growth you’ve experienced as a result. (Note: You must have attended all the events within the previous 12 months of submitting your reflection.)

Once you have submitted these documents on our Moodle site, a group of campus and community leaders will determine whether you have demonstrated sufficient development as a leader to merit recognition as a Season Passholder. For consideration for the fall 2011 Season Pass, reflections and a list of events are due November 15. For spring 2012, the deadline is March 15, and for summer 2012, the deadline is July 15. For more details, visit our Moodle site.

The following workshops and seminars qualify for the Season Pass:

Three Career Skills events*

Choose ONE from the qualifying communication (COM) seminars below:

  • How to Write a Scholarly Introduction (summer 2012)

  • Adapting your Research Presentation to U.S. Industry Culture (spring 2012)
    Business Emails that Work (fall 2011)
    Communicating in Teams (fall 2011)
    Cross-Cultural Communication: A Key to Success at NC State and Beyond (spring 2012)
    How to Write a Research Introduction (spring 2012)
    Presentation Skills for Corporate Culture (spring 2012)
    Speaking Skills for Success (fall 2011)

Choose ONE from the qualifying career development (CD) seminars below:

Choose ONE from the qualifying leadership (L) and self-awareness (S-A) seminars below:

  • Best Practices for Today's Leaders: Skills for Success (spring 2012)
    Emotional Intelligence: A Different Type of Intellect (spring 2012)
    Finding Your Passion (spring 2012)
    Leadership in the Corporate Sector (spring 2012)
    Leadership in the Scientific Sector (fall 2011)
    Leading Better by Knowing Your Personality Type (fall 2011)
    Procrastination: Why People Use It and How to Stop (fall 2011)
    Time Management (spring 2012)

Two Teaching & Mentoring events

If you envision yourself teaching in a classroom environment—whether in graduate school, your postdoc, or in your career—we strongly recommend the following workshop as one of your two events:

All others can choose TWO from the following workshops:

One Responsible Conduct of Research event*

Choose ONE from the following seminars:

The RCR 101 Course does not count toward the Season Pass.

*Note: Career Skills and Responsible Conduct of Research topics change each semester. New topics will be updated at the beginning of each semester.

Questions about the PFL Season Pass? Please contact Dr. Melissa Bostrom, Director of Graduate Academic & Professional Development, or Dr. Barbi Honeycutt, Director of Graduate Teaching Programs.