Teaching and Learning with Technology

Using technology within the classroom has become an integral part of the teaching experience and is helpful to not only engage the students but promote active learning. These resources provide information for teaching the online class as well as how to incorporate technology within the classroom.

Online Teaching

As online classes grow in popularity, it is important to know how to create and conduct an online class. Below are resources to assist with this process.

Online Course Design

Principles of Online Course Design

Principles of Instructional Design

Creating An Online Course (NCSU Source)

Using Technology in the Classroom

These sites provide information on how to use several different forms of technology within the classroom as well as provide the best uses of technology within the context of the large classroom.

Using Technology to Break Classroom Boundaries

Teaching with Powerpoint

Wikis in Instruction (NCSU Source)

Instructional Use of Wikis and Blogs (NCSU Source)

Using Technology in Large Classrooms