Teaching Methods and Approaches

The resources on this page provide information for several ways to implement learning within the classroom, particularly from an active learning perspective. These approaches will contribute to a successful learning environment in the classroom.

Active Learning

These links provide information on active learning including a definition of active learning, guidelines for active learning, and practical ways to implement active learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Active Learning

Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom

Classroom Activities for Active Learning

Active Learning Beyond the Classroom

Cooperative and Collaborative Learning

These links provide information on cooperative and collaborative learning and ways to incorporate them into the classroom. Although particularly effective in engineering and the sciences, these links provide cooperative and collaborative learning approaches for all disciplines.

Cooperative Learning: Students Working in Small Groups

Teamwork and Group Work

The Collaborative Research Model

Learning Through Case Studies

Case studies provide a way for students to apply their learning to actual life situations and utilize critical thinking to break down the classroom barrier. These links provide information regarding case studies including what they are, how to use them, and examples of case studies that can be used within the classroom.

About Case Studies

Teaching with Case Studies

Sample Case Studies

Problem-Based Learning

Similar to case studies, problem based learning is a student-centered teaching method in which the teaching methods are based on practical, real-life scenarios. These links provide further detail on problem-based learning as well as show how to incorporate problem-based learning within the classroom.

What is Problem-Based Learning?

Problem-Based Learning in Undergraduate Courses

Problem-Based Learning Samples