Introduction to Teaching


In this section, you can learn more about:

Writing Learning Outcomes

As the beginning point of designing a course, these links provide information on how to identify your goals for the class and articulate them as specific learning outcomes and objectives.

Creating a Lesson Plan

After establishing your goals for the class, you can begin to draft a lesson plan to help your students meet those outcomes.

Course Design

These sites provide specific information on how to transform the written objectives into a course structure and implement the objectives through class activities and assignments.

Writing a Syllabus

As the foundation of the course, the syllabus relays important information to the students regarding the format and structure of the course, and also establishes teacher expectations. These sites will walk you through the process of creating a successful syllabus for the classroom.

Creating Assessment and Evaluation Assignments

To evaluate the competence of the student, the teacher must create various assignments and exams throughout the semester. These sites provide practical guides on how to create successful homework assignments, projects, tests, and other forms of student evaluation.


The First Day and Icebreaker Activities for the College Classroom

These sites provide ideas for getting started, setting the tone for your course, and getting to know your students.


Teaching Styles

The following links provide information on several teaching styles and how they affect the classroom. The bottom link provides a self-test that allows the instructor to determine their own teaching style.


Universal Design for Learning

This learning module from San Francisco State University will show you how to create an inclusive learning environment to reach students of diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and physical or sensory abilities.


Making Lectures Dynamic and Participatory

The following resources provide activities and ideas for breaking up the monotony and "information transfer" approach of lectures, engouraging students to become more involved and actively participate in lecture courses.