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Application Information

Applications are always due on March 1 for candidates to be considered for the following academic year.

Note: Mathematics graduate students must discuss their plans for participating in the PTP program with the Department Head, Dr. Loek Helminck, and the Coordinator of Classroom Instruction, Dr. John Griggs, in advance of their application.

We recommend that all applicants consult the Prospective Fellows' FAQ [PDF]. For questions not answered by that document, please contact Dr. Beth Overman, at

2013-14 Application Instructions (PDF). This file requires Adobe Reader; download Adobe Reader here.

2013-14 Application deadline: March 1, 2013 at 5 p.m. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Notice of selection for the 2013-14 Preparing the Professoriate Fellows will be sent to applicants via campus mail in April 2013.

Characteristics of Successful Applications from Previous Years

  • Applicants had carefully read the program description and ensured that they met all eligibility requirements before completing their applications.
  • The application materials demonstrated the distinctive thinking of the applicant and his or her mentor for the particular observation and teaching experience proposed.

    The pre-teaching experiences in which the fellow would participate with the mentor were clearly defined and, when relevant, quantified (e.g., regular class observation, curriculum materials development, co-teaching, or teaching small segments of a class).
  • The teaching semester was taught solely by the fellow or was co-taught with the mentor, and the fellow performed a significant amount of the teaching.
  • The process by which the mentor would give feedback to the fellow (for example, through class observations with mentor feedback, videotaping, reviewing papers with mentor, etc.) was clearly articulated.
  • The plans for the teaching portfolio, by which participation in Preparing the Professoriate could be documented, were well developed and articulated.

    • Examples of portfolio contents: reflective/summative statements by fellows (and mentors) about the experience, statement of course goals, course syllabi, student and faculty evaluations of teaching, videotapes of teaching, examples of student work with commentary, course handouts, exams, and articles or presentations at professional meetings that result from the mentoring experience.

Characteristics of Less Successful Applications from Previous Years

  • The information in the application was vague or incomplete.
  • The applicant provided little or no evidence of thinking about the mentoring experience.
  • The applicant was not at an appropriate point in his or her academic career to capitalize on a significant supervised teaching experience.
  • The applicant proposed very little hands-on teaching.