PTP Success Stories

“After I got [to Mercer University as an assistant professor], the chair of the department mentioned that they were really impressed with my PTP experience and that it was something that encouraged them to interview me. Now I am on our search committee for this year and I look for PTP, or something similar, in our applicants.” –Dr. Julie Beier, Mathematics, 2007-08 Fellow

"Even though I didn't end up in academia right off the bat, I'm fairly confident that the thing that differentiated me from other candidates interviewing at MIT Lincoln Labs when I interviewed is my ability to communicate. I developed that ability teaching and doing the PTP program. Scientists and engineers who can communicate effectively are at a premium, and teaching gives you the practice you need to separate from the pack of other job applicants. [What PTP fellows are] learning translates to industry as well as academia. – Dr. David Padgett, Aerospace Engineering, 2008-09 Fellow 

“After co-teaching the class with my mentor last spring, I was asked to teach the course this year. It was a lot of work, especially since I was still taking classes this semester, but I had a great time. I'm so glad I participated in PTP—I have the job I've always dreamed of.” – Jennifer Landin, Biological Sciences, 2007-08 Fellow

“The fact that I was ever even considered for this position [Teaching Assistant Professor position in the Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Department at NC State] was due to my participation in the PTP program. One of the reasons they are hiring me is to continue and further advance the course I taught for PTP. I'm also going to be working to working on some other courses and helping to facilitate undergraduate research in the department (as well as doing my own research). I'm really excited to start! Yet another testament to why the programs PFL offers are outstanding!” –Dr. Tarek Aziz, Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering, 2008-09 Fellow

"About a third of all the places that have interviewed me have mentioned PTP as being part of the reason they were interested in me - so, thank you for that!  I really appreciate being able to be a part of the program. It's clearly helped out." – Dr. Alex Capaldi, Mathematics, 2008-09 Fellow

“Prospective graduate students often cite PTP as one of the attractions of NCSU since many of them plan to go on and become faculty members. I have had department heads at other schools cite PTP as something that gave our graduates an advantage since they had already taught upper-level courses.” –Dr. Stephen Campbell, Director of Graduate Programs, Mathematics

“I would encourage any doctoral student who is interested in gaining more experience preparing to become a faculty member to consider applying for this program! I completed the program in 2008-2009 and loved it! I was able to take a wealth of knowledge from the workshops and seminars, as well as my experience teaching an undergraduate course. The program is prestigious, one of only 2 transcript designations that the university gives students, and is a version of a nationally recognized program for preparing future faculty. If the intrinsic motivation for learning something beneficial and growing personally and professionally is not enough, that extrinsic motivation and the way it will "look" on a resume and your transcript is not a bad bonus. :) Seriously though, it is a rewarding experience and I would encourage folks to apply for it.” –Angela Shores, Counselor Education, 2008-09 Fellow



Examples of articles on teaching that have been produced as the result of Preparing the Professoriate include:

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PTP and NCSU Alumni

(2007 - 2012 Fellows)

Dr. Kristen Abernathy Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Winthrop University
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Dr. Zachary Abernathy Mathematics

Adjunct Lecturer, Mathematics
Winthrop University
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Dr. Heather Adewale Zoology/Biology

Lecturer, Biology
St. Joseph's University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dr. Michael Allocca Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Saint Mary's College of California
Moraga, California

Dr. Scott Alpert  Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering 

Environmental Engineer
Hazen and Sawyer
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dr. Frim Ampaw Adult & Higher Education

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Dr. Tarek Aziz  Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering

Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
North Carolina State University 

Dr. Eric Bancroft Mathematics

Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics,
Grove City College
Grove City, Pennsylvania

Dr. Erin Bancroft Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Grove City College
Grove City, Pennsylvania

Dr. Julie Beier  Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics Mercer University
Atlanta, George

Dr. Travis Breaux Computer Science

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dr. Catherine Buell Mathematics

Postdoctoral Scholar
Bates College
Lewiston, Maine

*Dr. Judith Canner Biomathematics & Statistics

Assistant Professor, Statistics
California State University-Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay, California

Dr. Alex Capaldi Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana

Dr. Mindy Capaldi Mathematics

Visiting Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana

Dr. Michelle Casper Materials Science & Engineering

Research Engineer
Iselin, New Jersey

Dr. Reid (Clonts) Haslup Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science

Undergraduate Laboratory Supervisor
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dr. Tracy Collins Economics

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics/
CFD Postdoctoral Fellow
New College of Florida
Sarasota, Florida

*Dr. Brandon Conover Electrical & Computer Engineer

Director of Research
Bennett Aerospace
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Susan Crook Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Loras College
Dubuque, Iowa

Dr. Jonathan Dunbar Mathematics

Dr. April Fogleman Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences

Assistant Professor, Nutrition
North Carolina State University

Dr. Amy Gaffney Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media

Assistant Professor
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Jonathan Gaffney Physics

Assistant Professor, Physics
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, Kentucky

Dr. Lindsay Glass Zoology

Lecturer, Oceanography
North Carolina State University

Dr. Rachana Gupta Electrical & Computer Engineering

Senior Electrical Engineer
International Robotics Racing League
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Elizabeth Harris Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering

Traffic Engineer
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Nyeema Harris Forestry

President's Postdoctoral Fellowship and NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, Biology
University of California-Berkeley

*Dr. Shawn Holmes Mathematics, Science & Technology Education

Adjunct Instructor, Faculty of Education, University of Regina; and
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, PFMP Leadership & Diversity Group
Regina, Saskatchewan

Dr. Sharon Hutton Applied Mathematics

Dr. Rebecca Jayne Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Washington College
Chestertown, Maryland

Dr. Ali Kefeli Industrial & Systems Engineering

Operations Research Specialist
Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Matthew Krachey Zoology and Biomathematics

Postdoctoral Researcher
North Carolina State University

Dr. Mary Bridget Kustusch Physics

Physics Education Research Postdoctoral Scholar
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

Dr. Jennifer Landin Biological Sciences

Lecturer, Biology
North Carolina State University

Dr. Edward Large Genetics

Casey Letkewicz Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Civilian Instructor of Meteorology
United States Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dr. Louis Levy Mathematics

Dr. Min-Hsiung Lin Mathematics

Faculty Member
National Chung Cheng University (CCU)

Dr. Katie Liszewski Mathematics

*Dr. Sheryl Long Curriculum & Instruction

Assistant Professor, Education
Chowan University
Murfreesboro, North Carolina

Dr. Brandon Lunk Physics

Assistant Professor, Physics
Elon University
Elon, North Carolina

Dr. Karla Lyles Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media

Lecturer, Department of Writing and Linguistics
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, Georgia

Dr. Katherine Maloney Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences

Customer Solutions Scientist
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Kelly Martin Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media

Assistant Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York

Carmel Martin-Fairey Zoology

Dr. Jennifer Mason Industrial & Systems Engineering

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Medicine
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia

Dr. Lindsay May Applied Mathematics

Dr. Helen Melito Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences

Postdoctoral Researcher
North Carolina State University

Dr. Sibin Mohan  Computer Science 

Research Scientist, Information Trust Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Dr. Kelly Oten Entomology

Forest Health Specialist
NC Forest Service
Goldsboro/Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Beth Overman Physiology

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar, Biology
North Carolina State University

Dr. David Padgett Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Technical Staff
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, Massachusetts

Dr. Richard Petersen Mathematics

Dr. Ellen Peterson Mathematics

Postdoctoral Associate
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dr. Jennifer Petzold Plant Biology

Postdoctoral Researcher
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

Dr. Reanna Poncheri Harman  Psychology

Senior Consultant
SWA Consulting, Inc.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Callie (Prater) Freeman Entomology

Owner/Principal Scientist
ParkerBioLabs LLC
Swansboro, North Carolina

Dr. Cary Rivard Plant Pathology

Dr. Diane Ryan  Psychology

Academy Professor
U.S. Military Academy, West Point 
West Point, New York

Dr. Siddharth Savadatti Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering

University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia

Dr. Robert Schmidt Chemistry

Research Scientist III
Durham, North Carolina

Dr. Angela Shores Counselor Education

Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor, Counseling, Montreat College
Asheville, North Carolina

Dr. Natalie Spencer Counselor Education

Dr. Jessica Springer Industrial & Systems Engineering

Engineering Consultant
Trig Innovation
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Kristen Stagg Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
University of Texas-Tyler
Tyler, Texas

Dr. Christina Tang Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Postdoctoral Scholar
Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey

Dr. Michael Taveirne Microbiology

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dr. Monique Taylor Applied Mathematics

Dr. Rebecca Thomas Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Eric Tucker Chemistry

Postdoctoral Scholar
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dr. Robert Watson Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Mount Olive College
Mount Olive, North Carolina

Dr. Thomas Wears Mathematics

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Longwood University
Farmville, Virginia

Dr. Emine Yaylali Operations Research/Industrial and Systems Engineering

Postdoctoral Fellow
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Bilgen Yuncu Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering

Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Shengfan Zhang Industrial and Systems Engineering

Assistant Professor
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas

* Drs. Judith Canner, Brandon Conover, Shawn Holmes, and Sheryl Long have shared the teaching portfolios they completed as the capstone to their Preparing the Professoriate experience.

PTP alumni @ NC State 

(2007-2012 Fellows)

Name Department Name Department
Christine Fairchild Chemistry Kathryn Brenneman Mathematics
Ingrid Arocho Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Gregory Dempsey Mathematics
Brandon Graver Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Emma Norbrothen Mathematics
Stephanie Vereen Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Kimberly Spayd Mathematics
Brian Dellinger Computer Science Melissa Tolley Mathematics
Jennifer Sabourin Computer Science Zackary Kenz Applied Mathematics
Guillermo Velarde Forest Biomaterials Douglas Stefanski  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Aimee  Rockhill   Forestry & Environmental Resources Justin Bradshaw Microbiology
Shari Rodriguez Forestry and Environmental Resources Ross  Hays   Nuclear Engineering
April Wynn Genetics Joshua Hykes Nuclear Engineering
Alicain Carlson Horticultural Science David Kendellen Physics
Nils Buch Industrial & Systems Engineering Donald Warren Physics
Claire Kuang-Hao Buch Industrial & Systems Engineering Alice Wines Plant Biology
Jeremy Tejada Industrial & Systems Engineering Kathryn Batts   Psychology
Kenneth Ball  Mathematics Anthony Wilson Textile Technology Management