Teaching Resources for Graduate Students

Selected Resources on Teaching and Learning

Below is a selected list of web sites, articles, and other materials to provide support for your professional development in teaching. These are categorized by FIT workshop titles, and are intended to serve as supplemental sources for each workshop or as stand-alone references. These resources are regularly being updated. Contact us if you have ideas for new topics you would like to see added:

Additional Collections of Resources on Teaching and Learning

These links are to websites that provide a comprehensive database of teaching resources that will assist you in many different issues regarding teaching. (Listed alphabetically.)

  • A Berkeley Compedium of Suggestions for Teaching With Excellence
  • This page is a complete online resource for most teaching issues one might encounter (or anticipate) within the classroom. Although slightly dated, it provides excellent advice on a variety of topics.
  • Carnegie Mellon Teaching "Solve a Teaching Problem"
  • By citing specific problems experienced during teaching, this site provides solutions and strategies grounded in educational research and learning principles through a step-by-step interactive process.
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques Using Learner Response Systems
  • This website is a rich resource for CAT ideas in general, but it specifically offers ideas for CATS involving "clickers," and other types of electronic response systems. At the bottom of the page is a summative worksheet of the proposed techniques.
  • CELT - Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching
  • CELT is an online journal, with each volume composed of peer-reviewed articles based on presentations given at the annual conference of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE). These articles are relatively short (about 2000 words each) and written for a general academic audience.
  • CETL - Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • CETL provides links to numerous journals that focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning. These are divided by general interest, teaching with technology, discipline-specific journals and journals addressing general issues in higher education. CETL also offers information on teaching conferences.
  • Designing for Learning
  • This page offers ten pieces of practical advice for crafting and maintaining an online classroom space. The advice can help with creating a course that is effective, efficient, and satisfying for both teacher and student.
  • Essays on Teaching Excellence
  • Published annually by the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education, Essays on Teaching Excellence is a series of eight concise, easy to read essays on instructional development. These essays provide university and college instructors with a variety of accessible, research based strategies to implement in the classroom.
  • Faculty Focus
  • This site regularly publishes articles on the higher education professional, offering resources for not only professionalization, but also teaching and learning in the university setting. You may perform keyword searches, or browse the collection through a list of 19 topics. This site also hosts the Teaching Professor blog and provides an RSS feed for newly posted articles in each topic.
  • Gradshare
  • GradShare is a free online resource to help you make the most of the graduate school experience by offering expert advice and peer discussions, on many diverse topics including teaching. Not only is GradShare a nationwide network of your peers, but we have also set up links to NCState's campus resources and services. This will provide you with a full view of student support services, from nationwide to your local campus.
  • LIFTS - Little Ideas for Teaching
  • This website is a list of ideas for tweaking (not overhauling) your classroom to make it a more engaging learning environment. Each idea is linked to its research origin, with a worksheet for teachers to see application of the idea and prompts for reflection.
  • MERLOT - Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
  • This page provides innumerable technological and multimedia learning tools as well as assignments in over 17 disciplines. These materials were created by both experts and peers in each discipline and have been utilized and reviewed by teachers for their effectiveness. Find everything from animation and tutorials to lectures materials and even virtual speakers. This is a must have resource for the classroom!
  • The MERLOT ELIXR Initiative offers a digital case story repository that hosts over 60 discipline-specific multimedia stories. Digital stories for faculty development can provide real-life experiences of exemplary teaching strategies and the process of implementing them.
  • NEXT - Narratives Supporting Excellent Teaching
  • This user-friendly website contains an index of topics in which a common teaching issue is presented through the form of a story within a typical classroom situation. The answer to these scenarios provides an excellent perspective through which to address typical teaching issues. Although geared towards the engineering classroom, this source provides support for all disciplines.
  • The Teaching Professor Blog
  • This blog, published by Faculty Focus, provides weekly posts covering a variety of topics in teaching in higher education, including: the scholarship of teaching and learning, classroom policies, active learning, assessment, generational differences, and student performance.
  • Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List
  • This mailing list is a "desktop faculty development" provided in partnership by the American Association for Higher Education (AAHE), The National Teaching and Learning Forum (NT&LF), and The Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning (SCIL). The website also includes other useful links for developing faculty and discussing with fellow peers and teachers.
  • Michigan State University - Online Instructional Resources
  • The office of Faculty & Organizational Development at MSU has created a website with hundreds of instructional resources. These resources are divided into fifteen major categories and 125 subcategories.
  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)
  • View a list of teaching conferences.
    View a list of journals that publish SoTL research and/or address issues in higher education.

Resources at NC State to Support Teaching and Learning

  • (listed alphabetically)
  • Campus Writing and Speaking Program
  • The CWSP provides support and resources to help you integrate effective writing and speaking activities into your teaching.
  • Disability Services Office
  • The DSO is committed to positive action to secure equal opportunity for all faculty, staff, and students. They can provide support and assistance to ensure your classroom is designed to provide reasonable accommodations for your students.
  • Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications
  • DELTA’s role within the Office of the Provost is to foster the integration and support of learning technologies in NC State’s academic programs, both on the campus and at a distance.
  • First Year Inquiry Program
  • Inquiry-guided learning (IGL) refers to an array of classroom practices that promotes student learning through guided and, increasingly, independent investigation of questions and problems for which there are no single answer.
  • The Graduate School's Teaching Programs
  • The Graduate School offers a variety of teaching programs to support graduate students at every stage of their teaching responsibilities.  Learn more about the Fundamentals in Teaching (FIT) workshop series, the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (CoAT) program, and the Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) program.
  • The Graduate Student Summer Teaching Institute
  • The Teaching Institute is designed to introduce graduate students to the fundamentals of teaching in the college classroom.  The series will be directed by Dr. Barbi Honeycutt, but the workshops will be facilitated by advanced graduate student teaching assistants who have completed the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (CoAT) program.
  • NCSU Libraries Resources for Faculty and Instructors
  • The NCSU Libraries offers a variety of resources and ways to incorporate the the Libraries into instruction and assignments and services they provide to enhance class instruction.
  • New Graduate Student TA Orientation
  • Every August, NC State presents a full-day orientation for all new graduate students. The first half of the day features a variety of topics of interest to graduate students. The second half of the day features the Teaching Orientation, designed specifically to address the needs of teaching assistants.
  • Office of Faculty Development
  • The Office of Faculty Development web site is intended to provide faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and others with information about professional development opportunities and resources to support their teaching, scholarship and research, and service and engagement.
  • Office of International Services
  • The Office of International Services provides teaching resources for American Faculty who teach and advise international students. This resource also includes a video and Powerpoint presentation explaining the U.S. academic integrity standards to international students.

Books to Support Teaching and Learning

All of these resources are available either through the NCSU library or through ILL.
(listed alphabetically by author's last name)

  • How Learning Works by Ambrose et al
  • What the Best College Teachers Do by Ken Bain
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • Tools for Teaching by B. Davis
  • Teaching Your First College Class: A Practical Guide for New Faculty and Graduate Instructors by. C. Lieberg
  • The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life by Parker Palmer