Discontinuing an Existing Graduate Program

Discontinuation of a graduate program requires the submission of hard copies of 3 documents:

  1. A memorandum addressed to the dean of the Graduate School requesting the discontinuation. The memorandum should provide an explanation of why the program is to be discontinued and a plan for the discontinuation (when admissions should be stopped; how currently enrolled students will be managed, such as through graduation or transfer to other programs; and anything else that is relevant).
  2. A completed form, “Routing for On-Campus Approval of Graduate Degree Actions for … Discontinuation of Existing Degree Programs.” To complete this form, check “Program Discontinuation” and fill in the program name in the blank following “Current Degree Program Title.”
  3. The NC State signature page, which indicates approval at the various levels of university administration.

When these three documents are assembled, initiate the approval process as described under “Routing of Action” on the form “Routing for On-Campus Approval of Graduate Degree Actions.” The first two stages of this process are approval of department head(s) and college Graduate Studies Committee(s), with accompanying signatures. The Graduate School must receive an electronic version of the memorandum along with the hard copies of all 3 documents.

After it has been approved for discontinuation, the program will cease officially when it has no more students enrolled. When that occurs, the director of the graduate program or department head should notify the Graduate School.