New Master's Distance Education Programs

Procedure for On-Campus and System Level Approval

The development of Master’s Distance Education degree programs requires the completion of UNC-GA Policy No. 400.1.1.1 [R] Appendix F (Intent to Plan) and Appendix G (Authorization to Establish).

In order to expedite the development and approval process at NC State, departments/programs are encouraged to submit Appendix F and Appendix G simultaneously.

In situations where the proposed curriculum requires the development of a significant number of new courses, it may be more efficient to complete Appendix F (Intent to Plan) and submit it through the On-Campus process. This would allow for discussion relative to the appropriateness and need for the distance education program without a significant investment of time on the part of the faculty.

The development and approval process for Appendix F (Intent to Plan) and Appendix G (Authorization to Establish) is as follows:

  • Departments/faculty should work with the appropriate College(s),the Graduate School, and Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) during the early planning process.
  • Department Head(s) (or program coordinator for interdisciplinary programs) endorse both the Notification of Intent to Plan and Request for Authorization to Establish and submit to the College Dean(s).
  • College Graduate Committee(s) recommend.
  • Consultation should take place between the College Dean's Office and Provost.
  • College Dean(s) endorse and submits to DELTA for recommendation.
  • College Dean(s) submit to the Graduate School an electronic file and one signed hard copy.
  • Substantive Change committee informed (Graduate School). SACS notified (UPA).
  • The Administrative Board of the Graduate School recommends (meets every 2 weeks during the academic year; presented at 1st meeting and voted on at 2nd).
  • Graduate Operations Council is informed (meets 1st Wednesday of each month).
  • Dean of the Graduate School approves and submits to Provost.
  • Vice Provosts informed.
  • Endorsed by Dean's Council (meets 2nd & 4th Thursday each month).
  • Endorsed by Executive Officers (EOM).
  • University Council (UC) informed (meets September, November, January, and April).
  • Board of Trustees (BOT) informed (meets September, November, February, and April).
  • Provost approves and submits to Chancellor.
  • Chancellor approves and submits to UNC-GA (done by Graduate School).
  • Notification to the Deans, EOM, UC, and BOT by Chancellor/Provost.

Upon receipt of the notification of intent to plan, UNC-GA will add this program-planning activity to a list that will be maintained by Academic Affairs and made available to all UNC institutions.

Requests for authorization to establish a degree-related distance education program (Appendix G) must be submitted at least two months prior to the proposed date of establishment (and therefore, as noted previously, notification of intent to plan must be submitted at least three months prior to implementation).