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Foreign Languages and Literatures

Delivery Methods
On Campus
Program Types
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Entrance Exam
Interview Required
Program Website
Distance Education Website

Admissions Contact
Batta,Valerie Wehiong

Graduate Program Deadlines
Fall Spring Summer 1 Summer 2
Feb 15 N/A N/A N/A

Detailed Program Description

Candidates must prove fluency in French or Spanish, through written and oral samples, per the admissions guidelines found in the program web site. All applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English at a level necessary to be successful in a graduate program at NC State. See the Graduate School English Proficiency section for complete information.

Program Type Legend

MS = Master of Science

MR = Master of

MA = Master of Arts

MEd = Master of Education

MFA = Master of Fine Arts

EdD = Doctor of Education

PhD = Doctor of Philosophy

Certificate = Graduate Certificate