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Delivery Methods
On Campus
Program Types
Entrance Exam
Interview Required
An interview may be scheduled with applicants.
Program Website
Distance Education Website
Flickinger,Michael Carl

Admissions Contact
Smith,Christopher P

Graduate Program Deadlines
Fall Spring Summer 1 Summer 2
Mar 31 Nov 15 N/A N/A

Detailed Program Description

BTEC, a simulated cGMP facility, offers two masters programs: a Masters of Science in Biomanufacturing (MS - Thesis) and a Masters in Biomanufacturing (MR - Non Thesis). Both of these programs are Professional Science Masters programs that combine industry-scale biomanufacturing with MBA course work.

Students have the choice of focusing on upstream or downstream processes at a small, intermediate, and industry-scale level and must also take Global Regulatory Affairs, Protein Characterization Techniques, Industry Practicum in Influenza Vaccine and Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing, Biocatalysis, and professional skills development courses. Students are required to complete Project Management and Strategic Management Foundations in the Poole College of Management and must also complete an industry internship between years 1 and 2.

Students interested in completing an MBA can use the credits already taken in the BTEC program and complete their MBA in just one year.

Program Type Legend

MS = Master of Science

MR = Master of

MA = Master of Arts

MEd = Master of Education

MFA = Master of Fine Arts

EdD = Doctor of Education

PhD = Doctor of Philosophy

Certificate = Graduate Certificate