Welcome PSM Alumni and Friends

NC State PSM Alumni or Friends contribute greatly to the success of our PSM programs. Many assist existing programs by telling their success stories on our websites and in public, giving guest lectures, mentoring students, collaborating on student projects, providing graduate job placement, developing programs, participating on advisory boards, fundraising and much more. Each program has its own "family" of alumni and friends and these are uniquely positioned to promote and support both new and existing PSM programs. At NC State we welcome your continued involvement with your old class or simply your input in our work with the students who may one day become your colleagues. Select your focus among our degree offerings in renewable energy, commercial banking, climate and environmental issues, human and animal food supply, biotechnology, and information science and technology development or contact us to suggest additional focus areas.

Reasons to be involved with a PSM program at NC State:

  1. Making connections with former classmates
  2. Get involved with current PSM programs and students
  3. Find opportunities to serve students, society, and your Alma Mater in a number of ways