Welcome PSM Employers

NC State is continuously reaching out to local employers to request their participation in education and many are involved in designing graduate education in collaboration with NC State faculty. There are many ways of doing so. Examples range from giving guest lectures, mentoring students, collaborating on student projects, providing graduate job placement, developing entire programs, participating on advisory boards, providing student stipends, fundraising and much more. At NC State we currently have programs in important emerging areas such as renewable energy, commercial banking, climate and environmental issues, human and animal food supply, biotechnology, and information science and technology development. Feel free to contact us to suggest new focus areas. Employers can ensure that students have exactly the knowledge they require from future employees. Also, PSM programs broaden employers' academic network and increase their opportunities to access university resources. Many of our local employers who are interacting with PSM programs and their students are usually the first to know and train these future graduates/employees and thus have hired many of them.

Reasons to interact with a PSM program at NC State:

  1. Co-create graduate education to meet your own needs
  2. Interact with future NC State graduates/employees (and hire the best of them)
  3. Gain access to NC State's resources
  4. Get valuable out-of-the-box student expertise
  5. Make a difference in the Research Triangle Park and North Carolina
  6. Participate in creating the best possible need-based education
  7. Get support from NC State staff with long-term scholarship/experience with PSM programs and working in/with industry