Welcome NC State PSM Students

At NC State we know that more than 80% of our graduates select careers in industry, government and non-profit organizations. The leadership at NC State University has realized that the educational foundation for these careers must include learning more than academic skills, namely essential professional skills, and in-person interaction with local employers. We strive to expose all students to multiple work environments by focusing on interdisciplinary employer projects and mimicking real-life work situations. All of our PSM directors have access to many unique resources and training to help them create the best possible education for our students. Our PSM alumni have a great track record of successful careers. Choose from a variety of degree offerings in important emerging areas such as renewable energy, commercial banking, climate and environmental issues, human and animal food supply, biotechnology, and information science and technology development.

Reasons to get an NC State PSM degree:

  1. Get the best kind of highly competitive, interdisciplinary, and employment-relevant education at NC State and gain work experience in the Research Triangle Park
  2. Network with high-level local executives who may hire you later
  3. Learn essential professional skills for success in the workplace and in life
  4. Learn to think “out-of-the-box”
  5. Become a NC State graduate in high demand