THANK YOU to the professionals affiliated with more than 190 companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations who have contributed to the success of the UNC System PSM programs

Employer Quotes

Employers who have acted as instructors, mentors and advisory board members reflect on one of the PSM programs at North Carolina State University:

“Skills training and industry-preparedness are the distinct advantages these students have. At the completion of their degree they have been trained to be biotechnology professionals.”
— Lynn Dickey, Vice President of Research, Biolex Therapeutics, Pittsboro, NC

“The emerging industrial biotechnology field needs graduates who not only understand the underlying technologies employed, but also know how to “connect the dots” for new businesses, often employing new business models. This unique PSM/MMB program at NC State fills a large ‘gap’ between more traditional MS/PhD and MBA programs. Industry Case Studies are a valuable tool to help students learn by actually doing business planning and strategy development, including dealing with marketing and intellectual property issues. Having students intern at sponsoring companies for the summers is also valuable — they not only can and do contribute real results, but also they gain a sense of the company culture and get insights into how the companies are approaching this rapidly emerging area. And the companies get a good look at potential new employees with strong technical and business skills. It’s a real ‘win-win’.”
— Ray W. Miller, Business Development Director, DuPont Bio-Based Materials, Wilmington, DE

“This program enabled Embrex/Pfizer to view first hand the quality of the students. We hired two of them based on more knowledge than is usually available from the interview process.”
— Catherine Ricks, Former Vice President, of Research, Embrex/Pfizer, RTP, NC

“North Carolina State is at the cutting edge of the education of a new generation of scientist-managers who understand both the business and scientific aspects of the biotechnology industry. The practical hands-on aspects of the program mean that students leave the program with significant real-world experience to compliment their academic achievements. I am pleased to have the opportunity to interact with these talented students and future business leaders during their training.”
— Bill Barrett, Former VP Intellectual Property, Advanced Liquid Logic, RTP, NC

“One of the most essential skills in our business world today is collaboration, which is a core strength of the NC State PSM/MMB program. These students are acquiring and improving skills by collaborating between themselves and industry representatives throughout the case studies. These collaborative skills were previously learned only through on-the-job training.”
— Michael Stocum, Managing Director, Personalized Medicine Partners, Raleigh, NC


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