Opportunities for Interaction

There are many opportunities to participate PSM programs. Please contact the UNC Systemwide PSM Office or individual PSM programs on UNC campuses if you are interested in engaging in any of the listed activities:

UNC System PSM Employer Board: The UNC System PSM Employer Board is currently being assembled. Nominations are welcomed. Please contact the UNC PSM director.

PSM Program Advisory Board: All PSM programs have external advisory boards. Typical members are employers in relevant fields as well as the PSM program director and relevant university staff. Programs may also include members from the U.S. Department of Commerce, government agencies, collaborating programs or focus groups. Please contact individual program directors for more information.

Projects and Case-Studies: Many programs offer professional projects or case studies. Employers determine most of the logistical parameters, while the project or case study content is tailored in collaboration with the PSM program director. Students may work on projects or case studies on-site or in the classroom. Please contact individual program directors for more information.

Seminars: Working professionals from relevant fields often contribute seminars in PSM programs. Please contact individual program directors for more information.

Internships: Most PSM programs encourage students to work in professional organizations during their time in the program. Some students may intern as full-time employees during the summer, others may work part-time during the academic year, and still others may participate in co-op programs. Please contact individual program directors for more information.

Professional Mentorship Program: PSM students benefit from personal interaction with working professionals. Mentoring a student means meeting with the student regularly (for example, monthly or bimonthly) to help the student understand what is required to be successful outside the university environment. Please contact the UNC System PSM director to learn more about this program.

Professional Student Fellowships: The ability of PSM programs to offer students fellowships benefits both the programs and the students. Fellowships enable programs to attract excellent students who might not otherwise be able to enroll. Please contact the UNC PSM director to provide fellowships.

Employment: All employers are encouraged to request information about individual PSM programs in their fields of work. Often employers will contact PSM directors before graduation to look for potential new employees.

Sponsorships and Program Development: PSM programs may be sponsored by individual donors, employers or a set of employers. Employers may even request an entire program for their own purposes. Please contact the UNC System PSM director to be involved in sponsoring or developing a PSM program.


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