UNC Systemwide PSM Publications

Borbye, L. (2014). Professional Science Master's - Meeting Employers' Needs in North Carolina. 10 Year Legacy Report. 52pp. Raleigh, NC: The Graduate School, NC State University.

Borbye, L., Bechert, U., Lawton, S., King, D., and B. Ambos (2012). Sustainability in Professional Graduate Degree Programs: Lessons in Survival Strategies from the PSM. GradEdge vol 1 (7): p. 5-7.

Borbye, L. (2011). Sustainable Innovation: A Guide to Harvesting the Untapped Riches of Opposition, Unlikely Combinations, and a Plan B. San Rafael, CA: Morgan & Claypool Publishers. 88 pp. ISBN 9781608457465, (paperback). ISBN 9781608457472 (e-book).

Borbye, L. and D. Edelman. (2011). Automation of systemwide PSM program management, advertising, professional skills assessment, academic planning and electronic mentoring. CGS Communicator 44 (9): p. 4-6.

Borbye, L. (2010). Out of the Comfort Zone: New Ways to Teach, Learn, and Assess Essential Professional Skills. San Rafael, CA: Morgan & Claypool Publishers. 77 pp. ISBN 9781608451753 (paperback), ISBN 9781608451760 (e-book).

Borbye, L. and M. Carter. (2010). Integrating professional abilities and interaction with employers in an outcomes assessment plan: An example from Professional Science Master’s Programs. CGS Communicator 43 (4): p. 5-6

Borbye, L. (2009). Quick Guide to Starting a Professional Master’s Program. 11 pp. Raleigh, NC: The Graduate School, NC State University.

Borbye, L., M. Stocum, A. Woodall, C. Pearce, E. Sale, B. Barrett, L. Clontz, A. Peterson, and J. Shaeffer. (2009). Industry Immersion Learning: Real-Life Industry Case-Studies in Biotechnology and Business. Weinheim, Germany: Wiley-Blackwell. 205 pp. ISBN 9783527324088.

Borbye, L. (2008). Secrets to Success in Industry Careers: Essential Skills for Science and Business. London, UK: Elsevier Science/Academic Press. 207 pp. ISBN 9780123738691.

Borbye, L., and L. Strausbaug. (2008). Assessment of PSM programs from all perspectives. The Communicator 41 (1): p. 4-7.

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