Presenter: Anne Kramer
Advisor(s): Lee-Anne Milburn
Author(s): Anne Kramer and Lee-Anne Milburn
Graduate Program: Landscape Architecture

Title: Aldert Root Elementary School: Exploring Social Skills Development Through Schoolyard Design

Abstract: This study explored how a schoolyard environment could be evaluated to better understand and include social skills behavior in the design of school playgrounds. A literature review, based on research of children’s social skill development and the role physical environment can play in social skills development, is presented as background information. A case study at Root Elementary School in Raleigh, North Carolina, examines the effects of the existing physical environment as it pertained to the social development of the students. Information from surveys collected from the parents, teachers, and students were compared to the literature review. Behavioral observations provided insights into use patterns and spatial relationships. The data was analyzed to develop design guidelines and concepts for the renovation design of Root Elementary.