The 1st Annual NC State University
Graduate Student Research Symposium

List of 2006 Abstracts

Acharya, Mithun - Computer Science
Asgharzadeh Talebi, Zohreh - Operations Research

Behler, Russell H. - Biomedical Engineering

Brooks, Elaine B. - Poultry Science

Charlton, Nikki D. - Plant Pathology

Choi, Wonseok - Textile Technology Management

Coggshall, Elizabeth L. - English

Collins, Lynda E. - Industrial Design

Comfort, Donald A. - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Cornelius, Carrie - Nuclear Engineering

Culver, Carolyn A. - Microbiology

Davis, Amanda J. - Botany

Davis, Jennifer L. - Comparative Biomedical Sciences

DeMarco, Jenny M. - Landscape Architecture
Demers, Alixandra - Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Demir, Evrim - Design
Dennis, Brent M. - Computer Science
Dolcos, Sanda M. - Public Administration

Dunbar, Christopher M. - Training and Development
Dutton, Kathryn C. - Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management 
Edwards, Alexis - Genetics

Evans, Matthew R. - Microbiology

Ewing, Sarah - Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Fevrier, Florence C. - Chemistry
Fulkerson, Gregory M. - Sociology

Gray, Jamie E. - Graphic Design

Gruver, Joel B. - Soil Science

Highland, Matt - Physics

Houston, Norma L. - Functional Genomics
Hudson, Laura - Plant Pathology

Huffman, Megan M. - Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management

Hunt, Marcus A. - Fiber and Polymer Science

Iyyemperumal, Kannan - Soil Science

Jeong, Changwoo - Wood and Paper Science

Jessee, Matthew A. - Nuclear Engineering

Josey, Amanda A. - Chemistry

Kepez, Orcun - Design

Kimbrough, Jeffery M. - Botany

Kramer, Anne - Landscape Architecture

Krishnamurthy, Gautham - Electrical Engineering

Large, Edward E. - Genetics

Lari, Pooneh - Adult and Higher Education

Laws, Michelle A. - Sociology

Loomis, Kari - Functional Genomics
Losego, Mark - Materials Science and Engineering

MacKenzie, Elizabeth L. - Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

Mannino, Frank V. - Bioinformatics
McCullen, Seth D. - Biomedical/Textile Engineering

Morton, Jeremy A. - Mechanical Engineering

O'Shaughnessy, Christopher M. - Physics

Parish, Chad M. - Materials Science and Engineering

Powell, Nathaniel B. - Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Ramachandra, Girish A. - Industrial Engineering

Reeves, Heather D. - Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

Rider, Cynthia V. - Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Rogers, Martha K. - Public Administration

Sanchez, Angelica M. - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Santos, Fernanda - Poultry Science

Schaeffer, Blake - Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
Shankar, Ravi - Fiber and Polymer Science

Shi, Jian - Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Shu, Yu - Industrial Engineering

Starmer, Joshua D. - Bioinformatics

Swift, Lindley N. - English
Thompson, Kathleen I. - Mathematics
Thornton, Courtney - Higher Education Administration

Toth, Jason - Graphic Design

Vasquez, Gissella M. - Entomology

Vibart, Ronaldo E. - Animal Science

Wang, Xianghong - Mechanical Engineering

Xu, Jian - Electrical Engineering

Zhang, Zhe - Operations Research

This listing of participants is arranged in order of the graduate student's last name. Please check your listing carefully to be sure that all the information is correct. Any corrections to be made should be sent immediately to: