The 2nd Annual NC State University
Graduate Student Research Symposium

List of 2007 Abstracts

Bachlava, Eleni - Crop Science
Baeza, Carolina - Civil Engineering
Beier, Julie - Mathematics
Bohorquez, Diego - Poultry Science
Brimlow, Jacob - Economics
Buur, Jennifer - Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Cansizoglu, Omer - Industrial and Systems Engineering
Chang, Hyejung - Design
Chang, Suk Tai - Chemical Engineering
Clark III, Beverly - Physics
Cook, James - Mathematics
Corbell, Kristen, Curriculum and Instruction - Educational Psychology
Cornelius, Carrie - Nuclear Engineering
Doraiswamy, Anand - Biomedical Engineering
Dorshorst, Ben - Poultry Science
Dorwart, Catherine - Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Drewnoski, Mary - Animal Science
Dutton, Kathryn - Textile Technology Management
Everman, Wesley - Crop Science
Galvao, Rafaelo - Plant Biology
Gillen, Lee Ann, English
Gluck, Jessica - Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management
Gutschmidt, Adam - Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media
Harp, Ray - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Holmes, Rob - Plant Biology
Howard, Amber - Graphic Design
HuangFu, Wei-Chun - Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Huo, Xueliang - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jiang, Guoliang - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jones, Sara - English
Kerns, Jim - Plant Pathology
Kim, Yunjung - Bioinformatics
LaMonica, Laura - Adult Education - Training and Development
Lee, Hoon Joo - Textile Technology Management
Li, Zheng - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Liang, Jing - Fiber and Polymer Science
Liu, Xiang - Physics
Long, Yixiang - Design

Lucas, Jan - Curriculum and Instruction
Marcussen, Sharon - Art and Design
Marinakis, Kosmas - Economics
McMillan, Ruth - Microbiology
Miller, Otis - Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Monette, Benjamin - Landscape Architecture
Mountrouidou, Xenia - Computer Science
Norden, Daniel - Horticultural Science
Oh, Chulwoo - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ojha, Satyajeet - Textile Engineering
O'Neil, Chad - Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media
Patel, Nrupali - Plant Pathology
Paul, Sujata - Physics
Paynter, Sharon - Public Administration
Peterson, Matthew - Graphic Design
Quan, Enzhuo - Biomedical Engineering
Roy, Devjani - English
Santa-Maria, Monica - Horticultural Science
Savadatti, Siddharth - Civil Engineering
Schroeder, Bastian - Civil Engineering
Selee, Teresa - Mathematics
Shankar, Ravi - Fiber and Polymer Science
Simon, Rodica - Art and Design
Smith, Damon - Plant Pathology
Song, Junlong - Wood and Paper Science and Engineering

Sternberg, Robin - Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Tafazzoli, Ali - Industrial and Systems Engineering
Talwar, Sachin - Chemical Engineering

Taylor, Dalia - Textile Technology Management
Taylor, Jami - Public Administration
Vargantwar, Pruthesh - Textile Chemistry
Verruto, Vincent - Chemical Engineering
Wang, Chih-Chiang - Computer Science
Warren, Thomas - Curriculum and Instruction - Middle Grades Education
Williams, Christina - Animal Science
Wu, Xinmin - Operations Research
Yaesoubi, Reza - Industrial and Systems Engineering
Zheng, Jiang - Computer Science
Zurney, Jennifer - Microbiology

This listing of participants is arranged in order of the graduate student's last name. Please check your listing carefully to be sure that all the information is correct. Any corrections to be made should be sent immediately to: