An International Center for Research

NC State is a top tier research university with a long record of collaboration with government, academic, industry, and non-profit research partners.

Research is a major component of advanced education at NC State and our graduate students play a vital role in our renowned interdisciplinary research network. All graduate students are encouraged to pursue research that crosses traditional academic boundaries. Our interdisciplinary programs and 68 research centers are designed to foster collaboration between students, mentors, and experts in related fields. In addition to these resources, NC State's partnerships with government agencies and industry, non-profit, and private sector organizations have made us one of the premier research universities in the country. These initiatives and our uniquely collaborative Centennial Campus create outstanding real-world research and career opportunities for our graduate students.

The Graduate School is also an active participant in fostering international collaboration. In addition to on-campus resources such as NC State's Confucius Institute and the North Carolina Japan Center, the Graduate School is facilitating new partnerships on all continents to provide excellent venues for professional development and expand other research and entrepreneurial opportunities. These efforts prepare our graduate students to compete in the global knowledge economy.

Thanks to all of these activities, NC State consistently ranks one of America's top research universities. We are a leader within the academic community in terms of industry-sponsored research, state and local-government sponsored research, number of new companies created, number of patents granted, and licensing revenues.

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