Graduate Student Support Plan:
Faculty and Staff

Graduate Student Support Plan Handbook
Important Dates / Deadlines

Graduate Student Support Plan Funding:

Graduate Student Support Plan Funding Charts - Graduate Student Support Plan benefits funding structure (within and beyond allowed semesters). The student's stipend source (project number/type of funds) determines "who pays" for GSSP benefits.

*Please note that, if a student's stipend source is split (salary or stipend distributed across more than one project), so too will "who pays" for GSSP benefits. In other words, GSSP benefits are distributed according to the salary or stipend distribution.

Graduate Student Support Plan Funding Calculator - Input student's stipend source (project number) to determine "who pays" for GSSP benefits. This calculator simply outputs results using the GSSP Funding Charts linked above.

Insurance and Tuition Journals (Fall 2013 - Present)
In-State Tuition Award (Fall 2003 - Spring 2013)
TR Match Payments (Spring 2007 - Spring 2013)
TR BAS Payments (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Guides & Instructions:

Requirements At-A-Glance (Semesters of Benefits Eligibility)
Eligibility Summary (student handout)
GSSP Benefits & Sponsorship - Flow Chart (student handout)

Graduate Student Support Plan and Graduate Support (SIS) - Reading the Graduate Support area of MyPack Portal for Graduate Student Support Plan eligibility and other helpful information.
Registration & Academic Standing Status Validation - necessary for Graduate Assistantship & Fellowship Actions.
Graduate Student Support Plan - Special Authorization Request - Instructions
Graduate Student Support Plan - Permanent Record Inquiry (InfoWeb is currently down for maintenance and upgrade.)
Request to Waive Academic Load Policy - Instructions

Useful Queries:

GSSP_MTHLY_INSURANCE (SIS Reporting) - Returns monthly NCSU RA-TA coverage lists by program.
GSSP_INS_SUMMERPREPAYS (SIS Reporting) - Returns students eligible for summer NCSU RA-TA health insurance coverage prepay.

Other Useful Resources:

University Cashier's Office (UCO)
Graduate Tuition - Graduate Student Support Plan only covers “Graduate” tuition rates, no premium tuition and no fees.
Notice of Sponsorship (UCO) - UCO Sponsorship Information. Effective Spring 2014 the UCO will no longer use the online Notice of Sponsorship.

Payroll (For Students) - Information for New Student Employees, Student Payroll Taxes (FICA Exemption, Federal & State Income Taxes, and W-2s) and Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule
Payroll (For Foreign Nationals)
Payroll (For Payroll Coordinators)

Sponsored Programs & Regulatory Compliance (SPARCS)
Student Benefits -Budgeting Guidelines
Tuition - Budgeting Guidelines

Registration & Records
Forms (R&R) - Important forms related to enrollment, scheduling, curriculum, etc.

Office of International Services