GSSP: Graduate Assistantship & Fellowship Actions: Registration Status and Academic Standing Status Validation

The HR system edits are in place to monitor academic policy related to Student Registration Status and Academic Standing Status for Graduate Assistantship & Fellowship Actions.

Excerpts from the Financial Support section of the NC State University Graduate Administrative Handbook:

“Graduate students may receive financial support through fellowships, traineeships and teaching or research assistantships sponsored by federal, state and private agencies.”

“A graduate student must be in good academic standing (3.0 GPA or better average) to be eligible for appointment to an assistantship, fellowship or traineeship and must be registered in each semester in which the appointment is in effect.”

Type of HR System Actions Affected: Any - Hire, Rehire, Additional Job, Appointment Data Change, or Pay Rate Change.

Job Code Type: Must be a Graduate action - Job code must start with “A or B.”

Graduate Job Codes
A138 Graduate Teaching Asst A428 Graduate Extension Asst
A148 Graduate Research Asst A438 Graduate Exten/Teaching Asst
A178 Graduate Teach & Research Asst A448 Graduate Exten/Research Asst
A198 Graduate Services Assistants 478 Graduate Exten/Res/Teach Asst
B156 Graduate Fellowship-NRA B256 Supplemental Fellow-NRA
B158 Graduate Fellowship-US B258 Supplemental Fellow-US

Affected Employee Class: Employee Class must be 6 (Assistantship) or 7 (Fellowship).

Special Exceptions: NC State assistantships awarded to students registered in special programs at other institutions. Particular department IDs as approved by the Graduate School distinguish these cases.

Social Security Number: There must be a match between HR Social Security Number and the Registration & Records Social Security Number as of the date the action is entered and thereafter.

Student Classification: A student must be classified as MR, DR, or GR in the semester file being used for validation.

Registration Status: The registration status required for successful action is determined as follows:

Action Effective Date Action Entry Date Semester File Required Registration Status Required
Jan-1 – May-15 Pre Jan-6 Spring Eligible to register Spring (0) or (1) Registered
Jan-1 – May-15 Post Jan-6 Spring Registered for Spring (1)
May-16 – Aug-15 Post Jan-7 Fall the previous spring Eligible to register Fall (0) or Registered in Fall (1) or Registered (1) in Previous Spring
Aug-16 – Dec-31 Pre Aug-16 Fall Eligible to register Fall (0) or (1) Registered
Aug-16 – Dec-31 Pre Aug-16 Fall Registered in Fall (1)

When putting on hire, rehire, additional job, appointment data change, or pay rate change type graduate actions the student employee’s Registration Status (as tested by the HR System against the student system) must be either registered (reg003 screen status = 1) or eligible to register (reg003 screen status =0) in the appropriate Fall or Spring academic semester, depending on the actual entry date and effective date of the action. If the student is not registered or eligible to register in the appropriate semester (determined based on the action entry date and the effective date), the HR System action is not allowed and the fatal error message “GRAD APPOINTMENT NOT ALLOWED, PERSON NOT A GRADUATE STUDENT” will appear. In order for this action to be entered, the student must register. It is possible that a student may pass the registration test when the action is entered but fail during the approval process at the division/college level. If this occurs, a warning message to that effect will appear. If student meets the registration status test at the time the appointment is initiated but subsequently fails the registration status test, the division/college approver should notify the Department to determine appropriate resolution.

Note that if an effective date is not within the time period for which the required registration records are available, the person is not eligible to hold a fellowship or assistantship and the HR System action will not be allowed. Registration data is available base on the following schedule:

Approximate Date Registration Event
End of January or first of February Fall enrollment data is loaded into the future semester file. All students registered previously are loaded as eligible to register.
March 21 Registration first opens for Fall Semester.
May 14 (two days past the last day of exams each Spring) The Spring semester is no longer the current semester and is written to the prior semester file. The Summer Semester-1 enrollment data is written to the current semester file.
July 1 Summer-1 semester enrollment is written to the prior semester file. Summer-2 semester enrollment is loaded to the current file.
First week in August Fall becomes current. Summer II is loaded to prior semester.
End of September The Spring semester enrollment data is loaded into the future semester file. All students registered previously are loaded as eligible to register.
October 24 Registration first opens for Spring Semester.
December 18 (two days past the last day of exams) The Fall file is no longer the current semester and becomes a prior semester. Spring becomes current at that time.

Academic Standing Status will also be tested as of the date entering the action. If the student is not in good academic standing, a warning message “NOT IN GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING; CONTACT GRAD SCHOOL” will appear when the action is initiated and when the pending action is reviewed for approval at the division/college level. If a student fails the academic standing status test, the department may seek a waiver by submitting complete written justification with backup documentation for an exception to Box 7102, attention Dr. Rebeca Rufty or The department will be notified of approval or denial of the exception. Division/college offices should not approve such actions unless waiver is granted.

It is suggested that initiating departments make any exception requests PRIOR to appointing this employee with either an Assistantship or Fellowship. This will prevent an increase in retroactive actions.

It is possible that a student may drop out of school (i.e. fail the registration status test) or fall out of good academic standing subsequent to the date an action is approved through the system. The system provides no systematic means of controlling these situations. The Graduate School will run non-compliance edit reports on a periodic basis and distribute names contained on these reports in hopes that non-compliance situations may be rectified.

Student’s Academic Status:

1, blank = NULL

1, blank = NULL

Registration Status:
1 Registered
0 Not Registered (but eligible to register)
C Cancelled
W Withdrew
R Readmitted
S Suspended
N Not Eligible to Register
D Deceased