Brazil Scientific Mobility Program Study-Internship Program

The Brazil Scientific Mobility Program study-internship program at NC State is offered two times a year: January and mid-August. Students must apply both to the Institute for International Education (IIE) and the GTI. Admission decisions require approval from IIE, the GTI, and the host academic department.

Students in DH Hill Library
Studying hard at our state of the art libraries

During the first semester of the study-internship program, students will take at least 3 courses in their field of study in addition to the required GTI 401 course, which is designed to help international students transition and succeed at an American university.

Students live on campus in the dormitories, get a meal plan for campus dining halls, and have full access to the libraries, gym and recreation centers, bus system, modern student health center, and other campus services and amenities. During the second semester, students will take at least 4 courses in their field of study. The internship can occur during the summer in between or after the first and second semesters of study. Some students also choose to take courses during NC State's summer sessions.

The Application Process

BSMP undergraduate application process

1. Apply to IIE (
2. Apply to GTI (
3. IIE forwards the applicant's "common application" and scores to NC State University for review
4. NC State grants preliminary acceptance and notifies students via IIE
5. Student confirms his/her intention to enroll
6. NC State sets up communication between the student and department advisors to discuss course selection and registration
7. Student receives ID# and submits a separate application for housing
8. Apply to the US Embassy for the J-1 Student (non-degree) visa as soon as visa documents are issued by IIE
9. Receive info in an email from the GTI about designated airport pick up times, on-campus housing, meal plans, and the new student orientation date and time.
10. Check into your dorm once you arrive
11. Attend the GTI's new student orientation (usually the week before classes start) and check out the orientation page
12. Meet with your advisor to review your schedule

Estimated Costs

  • Brazil Scientific Mobility Program applicants do NOT pay tuition/student fees upfront. Applications should ignore any instructions about application fees or proof of funding documentation.
  • Students MAY have to pay additional costs for fines (late fees, library fines, parking tickets, additional services, co-pays for health care)
  • On-campus housing is NOT guaranteed in the fall semester - students must apply online for housing ASAP once admission is confirmed
  • Invoices for tuition and fees for admitted students are sent directly to IIE
  • The costs below are estimates and are subject to change at any time

BSMP estimated tuition & fees