GTI 401 Course: Colloquium on US Culture and Higher Education

When one travels to a new culture there are many adjustments to make in order to feel at home. The academic world in the States adds an additional layer of culture to this cross-cultural experience. At times it can be overwhelming to make the adjustments. The GTI 401 course is designed to give international students the skills to make that adjustment and thrive at an American university.

Students at NC State
The course is aimed at helping new international students succeed at an American university

Course Highlights:

  • Overview of US culture and history
  • Academic ethics at an American university
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Enhancing cross-cultural communication and English language ability
  • Improving interactions with professors and peers
  • Lectures by various guest faculty
  • Field trips to cultural and historic sites/activities
  • Small discussion groups with American students and GTI staff

Enrollment is limited to first year international students, spouses of international students, new internationals in the US for other reasons, participants in GTI Certificate Programs, or by permission of the instructor.

Click here to see the Fall 2012 syllabus for the GTI 401 course.