Overview of Professional Training Programs


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The GTI develops custom professional training programs for North Carolina businesses and groups of overseas professionals. GTI training programs utilize teaching faculty and top administrators from NC State University.

We also have among our program faculty instructors from neighboring colleges (e.g., UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, Wake Technical Community College), state and federal government agencies (current and/or recently retired employees), as well as successful industry leaders and consultants.

The GTI team brings together decades of intercultural training and experience and is dedicated to helping your organization stay competitive in today's global economy.

Past Training Program Topics

  • Drug Safety and Pharmaceutical Topics
  • Food Safety and HAACP Inspections
  • Public Administration and Nonprofit Sector
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Teacher Training and Workforce Development
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Strategic Visioning for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Banking and Finance Leadership Training

Other topics where our faculty and special units excel are also possible. Find out about the latest research in which the university is engaged.

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