GTE Certificate in US Culture and Higher Education

The GTE (Global Training Education) Certificate program is a short-term study program for international students who wish to enhance their current undergraduate or graduate program by studying at NC State University in the fall semester (the program is only rarely offered in the spring). Students are able to earn an undergraduate Certificate in US Culture and Higher Education in one semester. They are enrolled in the 3-credit GTI 401 course on US Culture and Higher Education that equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed at an American university. Students also take 3-4 more courses in their field of study and/or Foreign Language English courses

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For more information about the costs of attending NC State, click here to see the estimates from the Cashier's Office (the GTE program is a one semester programs, GTE students should divide the cost in half). The US government charges a visa fee and SEVIS fee.

There are two additional GTI fees:

Students participating in the GTE certificate program should coordinate with the NC State department's advisors and their home university's faculty advisor to determine when the student should enroll and what courses he or she should take.

*Course selection is based on the student having met pre-requisite conditions and class space availability. Students may not get into all their first choices for courses. Certain academic departments at NC State do not allow GTE students to enroll in their courses.

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