For Hiring Departments

  • Internal executive recruitment services committed to identifying and recruiting outstanding external talent to NC State
  • Targeted services for EPA and faculty Director and higher level executive searches
  • Resulting in the “best” hires for NC State via a dedicated internal resource and partner in the hiring process
  • Fee for service with significant cost savings compared to external firm fees


Search Services Offered:

  • Consultation and advice on search and recruitment strategies
  • Development of job prospectus
  • Development and provision of market data
  • Development of materials for dissemination (email, attachment)
  • Creation of contact/distribution databases
  • Creation and placement of advertisements
  • Recruitment of candidates
  • Attendance at professional conferences to market position & prospect candidates
  • Initial contact with interested parties - recruitment and screening
  • Screening of pool of candidates
  • Thorough follow-up phone screening with targeted questioning to determine qualifications, style, and fit
  • Identification of most qualified candidates
  • Provision of relocation materials and info on spouse/partner hiring assistance program
  • Presentation of candidates to search committee or chair
  • Provision of credentials and other soft factors from personal contacts with candidates
  • Status reports throughout the process
  • Reference checking of identified and non-identified persons and other knowledgeable parties
  • Administrative processing of background check
  • Communication with candidates not hired
  • Registration of hired candidate with relocation vendor
  • Post-hire “closing” meeting with hiring official

Search Committee Technical/Logistical Support

  • Support to Executive Search recruitment activities
  • Coordination of HR, Legal, and OEO participation with Search Committee
  • Scheduling of Search Committee meetings
  • Dissemination of confidentiality agreements to search participants
  • Development of prospect databases
  • Online job posting process completion
  • Placement and billing of advertisements
  • Request for relocation materials
  • Development of sample interview questions
  • Scheduling of interviews (dates, times, locations)
  • Travel arrangements for candidates
  • Airport pick-up and return
  • Interview escort
  • Secure of background check forms and coordination with Background Check Program office
  • Preparation of “no thanks” letters
  • Registration of hired candidate with relocation vendor

For more information, contact:

Executive Search Services
Campus Box 7210
2711 Sullivan Drive
Administrative Services Building II, Suite 110
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7210
Phone:  (919)-513-1963