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PeopleAdmin – EPA Non-Faculty/Faculty Action Definitions

Types of EPA Actions

New Position A request for new faculty or EPA non-faculty position that would require the creation of a new position number in PeopleSoft. NOTE – typically this position would not exist in your current organizational structure except for faculty positions.
Salary Adjustment A request for a salary adjustment to an active employee’s base salary, or the request for supplemental compensation 12 months or more in duration (E.g. Administrative, Temporary, Interim, Action or Honorary) NOTE – Supplements less than 12 months in duration should be processed through the additional compensation).
Appointment Length Change A request to change an appointment period from either 9 months to 12 months OR 12 months to 9 months.
Title Change A request to change a position title (reclassification higher title, lower title, or comparable title). NOTE - this action type shouldn’t be used to change an incumbent’s working title.
Update Existing Position Description A request to update a position description (previously entered OR the creation of a new position description into PeopleAdmin) that is associated with an established position number within your organization.
SPA to EPA Conversion A request to change the position designation from SPA to EPA.
New NTT Faculty Appointment A request to create or revise a Non-Tenure Track faculty position description. This would generally be utilized if you will provide a new semester or annual contract to a current Non-Tenure Track faculty member.
Visiting Appointment A request that will create or change the position description for a visiting scholar, visiting research scholar or visiting faculty member. NOTE – This is an individual that will be in paid position and shall remain in visiting status for no more than two years. This action type is not for foreign nationals that are students advancing their academic degree(s).

Type of EPA Salary Adjustments – Anticipation is 12 months or longer

Title Change A salary adjustment as a result of change in title (reclassification) that is will be either a higher, lower or comparable position title.
Duties Change A salary adjustment where the employee is permanently assuming significant new duties or more of the same duties but with no change in title.
Appointment Length Change Changing the salary basis to or from an Academic Year (9-month) appointment, to or from a Fiscal Year (12-month) appointment.
Commensurate FTE change The FTE of an individual's current appointment is commensurately changing with the same rate of pay.
Non-Commensurate FTE change The FTE of an individual's current appointment is changing with a different rate of pay.
Equity A salary adjustment as a result of documented analysis other than performance, merit or labor market factors.
Market A salary adjustment due to demonstrated labor market factors.
Merit A salary adjustment for outstanding/meritorious performance.
Prevailing Wage A mandatory salary adjustment on a non-immigrant foreign national, due to federal wage requirements.
Retention A pre-emptive salary adjustment to retain an employee.
Counteroffer A salary adjustment to counter an official employment offer from another employer/institution.
Promotion / Tenure A Promotion in Rank of a regular Tenured/Tenure-track (T/TT) or Non-tenure track (NTT) faculty member.