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PeopleAdmin - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started in PeopleAdmin 7?

Wait! I had a position posted in the old system! Can I get access to it?

How do I request access to PA7?

Are my old position descriptions already in the system?

When do I have to have all of my position descriptions into the system?

Do we use PA7 for faculty and EPA non-faculty positions descriptions?  What about NCCE and Temporary?

This sounds interesting.  How can I get training on this upgraded system?

How do I request a position action (e.g. new position, reclassification/title change/salary adjustment)?

When I attempt to access the new system, I receive an error message "This page has moved." What am I doing wrong?

Are temporary position recruitments handled through the new PeopleAdmin 7? How are they different?

**Please check back frequently for updated FAQs.