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Providing incentives to employees beyond salaries, NC State offers employees access to several programs with resources and information of interest to employees and their families.

All Campus Card

Employees can use their ID badge to charge purchases at all Campus Convenience stores, University Dining, and the Bookstore. Charges for purchases are then payroll deducted from the employee's pay. The All Campus Card may also be used for gym access and for checking books out from the library. For information, call 919-515-3090 or apply at the West Dunn building.

Childcare Resources

NC State recognizes that finding quality and affordable daycare can be a challenge. The Childcare Resource Center provides useful information, and tips on finding childcare providers. The need for daycare extends beyond resources for infants and toddlers. The Childcare Resource Center also provides information on Triangle Area School Systems, Summer Camps, before and after-school care and programs for kids during school breaks, workdays, and holidays.

Moving with the Pack

Current and new employees can enjoy this benefit whether moving to or within the area. Administered through FM Relocation, employees receive University-negotiated discounts and value-added services. This is a comprehensive Real Estate Services Program tailored to meet the unique needs of each employee and designed to minimize the stress associated with moving. Services include cash-back incentives for home sale and purchase, utility connection and disconnection convenience services, mortgage discounts, rental assistance, moving van services, and more. For additional information, visit Moving with the Pack.

Notary Public

Notary Public service is provided by the Benefits Department, 919515-2151, and is available to all employees at no charge.