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Clearing Negative Leave Balances - SPA

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SPA employees may not begin the year with negative balances. Leave Administrators must clear negative leave balances as of December 31 (for both vacation leave and sick leave) for SPA employees.

Charging Negative Leave

Negative leave balances can be resolved several ways.

  • Bonus leave can be charged to clear negative sick or vacation leave balances.
  • Bonus or vacation leave can be charged to clear a negative sick leave balance.

Note: Sick leave may not be charged to clear a negative vacation leave balance.

Adjusting Paycheck to Clear Negative Leave

If negative balances are not resolved by charging leave for the negative amount, the Leave Administrator adjusts the employee's paycheck to reflect the overdrawn leave.

Note: EPA employees are allowed to carry a maximum negative balance of 160 hours (combination of sick/vacation) at any time during the year.

During the month of January, the Web Leave System will email Leave Administrators who have employees with the following situations.

  • Employees who are still waiting to accrue leave according to their active status and the last processed date
  • Employees with pending leave requests awaiting supervisor approval for the closeout year.
  • SPA employees with negative sick or vacation balances.

All Leave Administrators will be notified via email that

  • The year has been closed out, and
  • They must verify their employees' data.

When the year-end close-out has been completed, the Leave Administrator must adjust the beginning balances for the new year in cases where a leave account has been charged in the previous year.

Example: An employee's leave balances are 200 hours of vacation and 300 hours of sick leave as of January 1.

  • The employee realizes in March that 8 hours of vacation was not charged on 12/14 of the previous year.
  • The employee enters 8 hours of vacation on 12/14 in the leave system.
  • The 8 hours of vacation will be deducted from the ending vacation balance for the previous year. However, the beginning balances for the new year will not be systematically adjusted.
  • The leave administrator must go into the Web Leave System and change the beginning balances to reconcile with the ending balances of the previous year.

Leave Administrators can refer to Edit Beginning Balances under Instructions for Correcting Leave, for how to change the beginning balance.