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Correcting Leave Accrual

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The Web Leave System accrues leave based on information (employee status, dept., employee class, FTE) in the Human Resource (HR) System. HR data is downloaded to the Web Leave System each night.

If leave is accrued incorrectly due to late personnel actions, the Leave Administrator must correct the amount of leave that was accrued either by increasing or decreasing the appropriate month/s leave earnings.

If a new employee was not set up in the leave system in time to accrue leave for the month, the Leave Administrator must post a transaction adding vacation/ sick leave for the employee.

The Web Leave System does not retroactively adjust/award accruals based on retroactive personnel actions entered into the HR system. Follow the instructions below to correct leave accruals.

Edit Transactions:

  1. Post Leave Transaction
  2. Choose an Employee
  3. Select the transaction that is incorrect, select Edit
  4. Make appropriate changes (comments should be very clear as to why you are editing the transaction)
  5. Select Save Changes

Delete a Transaction:

  1. Post Leave Transaction
  2. Choose an Employee
  3. Select the transaction you want to delete
  4. Select Yes for the question - Do you want to delete this record?
  5. Enter Comments that are clear to why you are deleting the record
  6. Choose Delete Leave Record

Increase/Decrease Leave:

  1. Post Leave Transaction
  2. Choose an Employee
  3. Choose the radio button for Increase or Decrease, depending on which is appropriate
  4. Choose the appropriate leave type
  5. Enter the appropriate hours
  6. Enter Comments that explain why you are entering the transaction
  7. Select Post It Now

Edit Beginning Balances:

  1. Modify Employee Database
  2. Choose an employee, select Edit
  3. Change the hours for the type of leave
  4. Comments should be specific as to why the beginning balance is being edited